PhonoClear Review and Consumer Report

Overall Performance

PhonoClear is an ITE device. This means the hearing device is worn In The Ear. These devices are typically visible by others from most directions, however they provide better hearing solutions than the CIC devices.

Multi Directional Microphones help users hear from more directions than just what is in front on them. While the performance is not as good as a High Quality Behind the Ear Hearing Device, it is a step in the right direction.

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As this style of Hearing Device has been around for a while, consumers trends have turned sour on them. PhonoClear offers consumers a middle ground at a fairly reasonable price, compared to others on the market.

Ease of Use – PhonoClear is fairly easy to use. Sure it is small and delicate but it can be placed into the ear fairly easily. Battery replacement can be difficult and certainly frustrating day after day.

Comfortable to Wear – PhonoClear is comfortable to wear for most consumers. They offer a couple different sizing pieces which can help enhance the comfort, as do most manufacturers. The unit is worn and removed with relative ease. Before too long you won’t even remember that you are wearing a hearing device at all.

Pre – Set Modes – PhonoClear offers NO Pre-Set Modes to enhance hearing in unique environments. Crowded restaurants and cocktail parties can be difficult for some, PhonoClear provides zero additional settings to help in this regard.

Visibility – PhonoClear is a ITE device, meaning it is worn in the ear, but visible to most who are looking at you. They offer tan devices to mimic skin tone for some, but for most it will not match well and can be seen by others.

Price – Full retail price for PhonoClear Hearing Devices are around $4,299. This puts it slightly above average in the marketplace. There are high quality hearing devices on the market that offer similar benefits at a fraction of the price. Check out the editors comparison chart for details.