Finding the Right Multivitamin for Women Over 50

You take a daily multivitamin because you are serious about maintaining your health and wellness.  Take a look at 5 of the Top multivitamins for women Over 50 years old, and compare the differences in ingredient quality, freshness, price, and enhanced support, that are catered to mature women.  Once you have the facts, deciding which brand is right for you is the easy part.

Not exactly sure what to look for?  You are not alone.  The chart below highlights many factors that are essential to the success of a good multivitamin for women over 50.  It also compares prices and value-based factors too.   Below the chart are 6 other guidelines that should be considered when choosing your multivitamin, so make sure you scroll down to read those too.


Here is the Comparison Chart of Vitamins for Women Over 50

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How to Find the Right Multivitamin for Your Needs

As we age, it becomes increasingly important that we take a daily multivitamin.  Meeting our daily nutritional requirements is harder as we grow older due to the changes our bodies undergo.  If you have not already established a habit of taking vitamins, we strongly suggest you consider doing so immediately.   Many seniors use fixed incomes, dietary habits or forgetfulness as an excuse for not taking their vitamins.  Their mind and body suffer as a consequence, leaving them looking and feeling less than their best.

Many consumers make the mistake of assuming that all multivitamins are created equally.  This is not the case.  The Quality of the Nutrients and their Freshness plays a big role.  As does the Price and Overall Value of a product.  Some vitamins provide Enhanced Support or lack the Completeness that you need as a women over the age of 50.  Take a few minutes to check out our tops for finding the right multivitamin for you.

Tips to Consider

Consumers tend to buy their vitamins from local drug or grocery stores.  They may compare the 5 or so brands that are offered, but the important information is not located on the label.  Vitamin companies are not going to advertise that they use Synthetic Nutrients or that the vitamins could be 8-10 months old at the time of purchase, calling into question the effectiveness.  Do not allow Brand Recognition to sway you from being diligent about finding the right multivitamin for you.

Here are 4 criteria worth considering when buying a multivitamin for Women over the age of 50.

Quality Ingredients – Doctors recommend that you get as many of your daily nutrients from whole foods as possible.  They would rather you eat the foods to absorb the nutrients, it is more effective that way.  Whole foods vitamins are available, and are the best, but they can be expensive if you don’t shop around. Vitamin companies typically use Synthetic Nutrients to keep costs down, so consumers can afford to take vitamins daily, month after month, year after year.

While taking any vitamin is better than not fulfilling your daily nutrient requirements, with a few minutes of homework you can find a Fresh Premium Vitamin for the same price as the big name brands that use synthetic nutrients. Do not sacrifice the benefits of a quality vitamin for 5-10 minutes of time invested in finding the best vitamin that you can afford.

Complete Formulas – Making sure a product contains essential vitamins and minerals is important.  That is why they call them ‘Essential.’  Most multivitamin brands offer somewhere between 17-22 essential vitamins in their formula.  Take a minute before you buy and make sure you are getting as many of the nutrients as you need.

Enhanced Support Formulas –  The Best Multivitamins will typically offer some additional or Enhanced Support above and beyond the essential vitamins and minerals.  Added Bone Support, or Metabolism Support are often included for added value.  Natural Energy production is another one that is helpful to women over the age of 50, along with Vision Support and Heart Health.  Make sure your multivitamin choice offers you some added value in terms of Enhanced Support for health concerns common to women over the age of 50.

Price and Overall Value – There is no doubting that affordability is important when choosing a vitamin.  The point of vitamins is to take them daily, not miss weeks or months here and there.  If you cannot afford to take the vitamin regularly, there is no sense in beginning the process.  Find a multivitamin that will fit in your budget and take it daily.  You mind and body will thank you in the long run.

Before you buy a multivitamin, we recommend you take some time to read over the consumer product reports we publish here and examine our comparison chart as a ‘short cut’ of sorts to get you on the right path.  Remember, the more information you have, the better your chances of being satisfied with your purchase.