Hearonix Review and Consumer Report

Overall Performance

Hearonix is a BTE hearing device, meaning it is Behind the Ear. Behind the ear devices have become the most popular of all devices due to their overall performance, low visibility and many models have the ability to be recharged vs. replacing batteries daily. Hearonix, unfortunately, is not one of them. Battery Powered though it may be, it provides users with a more affordable option to consider.

Hearonix performs OK in most categories. It will not blow you away or overly impress you in any one regard, but it will not be a big disappointment either.

Ease of Use – Hearonix BTE design is easily handled by users and can be put into place with relative ease. Once you get the hang of it, you will be putting this device on and off in no time.

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Comfortable to Wear – It make take a few times putting the device on to get it right, but once you do it is quite comfortable to wear. Multiple ear tips allow you to find the right fit, benefiting both your hearing as well as the overall comfort of the device.

Pre-Set Modes – Hearonix does have preset modes for you to choose from depending on your environment. Strangely, they do not offer a preset mode for crowded rooms. However if you are outdoors a lot they have a mode that might suit you.

Visibility – Like most BTE devices nowadays, it is fairly sleek and not obvious to others. The fact that it is battery operated adds to the size somewhat making it more visible than say a rechargeable model.

Price – One of the more attractive aspects of the Hearonix Devices is their Price. At only $1,899, they are well below the average price of other hearing devices. While continued use of batteries increases the overall cost of the device long term, it is much less difficult to budget than say a $5,000 hearing device.