Natures Way Alive Womens Multi 50+

Natures Way Alive Womens Multi 50+


Quality Ingredients


Overall Freshness


Enhanced Support


Complete Formula



  • * Some Whole Foods Nutrients
  • Enhanced Support
  • Complete Formula


  • Majority Nutrients are Synthetic
  • Lack of Freshness

Natures Way Alive Womens Multi 50+ Reviews and Consumer Product Report

alive_women50Quality Ingredients – Natures Way Alive Womens Multi 50+ primarily uses synthetic nutrients in its formula.  The essential vitamins and mineral portion of this formula is synthetic, like many of the big name brands.  We applaud Natures Way, however, for including SOME whole foods based nutrients in their ‘energizer’ portion of the formula.  Nature’s Way Alive recognizes the shift in consumer desire to a whole foods or organic nutrient vitamin, but their business model prevents them from making the entire formula with quality

That being said, Alive Womens Multi 50+ is still better than the some of the competition because they offer both Enhanced Support and some Quality Nutrients.  While far from our Top Rated multivitamin for women over the age of 50, Natures Way has earned more respect than most big name brands.

[stextbox id=”warning”]Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior multivitamins on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED multivitamin in this category.[/stextbox]

Complete Formula – Natures Way Alive Womens Multi 50+ Reviews have shown that this formula is complete.  The 22 Essential vitamins and minerals are specifically formulated for women over the age of 50.  Consumers can trust that they are getting the nutrients they need for their mind and body to function at its best as they age.  While many questions the Qualty and Overall Freshness of the vitamins, the formula is certainly complete.

Enhanced Support – Natures Way Alive recognizes the importance of providing someunknown additional value in their multivitamin formula.  They provide consumers a ‘Whole Foods Energizer’ which is a health issue common to women over the age of 50.  Many big name brands do not offer enhanced support to consumers, but the value it provides consumers is measurable.

Price and Overall Value – The prices of Natures Way Alive Womens Multi 50+ vary a great bit from one location to another.  The vitamins are sold in countless stores across the country, not to mention the number of online retailers that carry natures way.  With this many locations, prices are going to fluctuate.  In general, the product sells for $15-$20 per bottle.

As far as value is concerned, the enhanced support and the use of some whole foods nutrients provide decent value for consumers.  While still not as good as our Top Pick Multivitamin, alive_women50Natures Way is a step above most brands of their size.

Additional Information and Shopping Tips

Most big name vitamin brands use the same business model.  The manufacture synthetic vitamins and then store them and ship them out to retail outlets across the country to be sold.  Once there, they are stored again until which time consumers purchase them.  This leads to many multivitamins being months old at the time of purchase, and it makes it necessary to use synthetic nutrients to keep costs down.

With the internet, and consumers use of it, comes a better opportunity for consumers.  There are now premium vitamin companies that sell direct to consumers.  This cuts out the middle man, and the cost associated with them.  By reducing the fixed costs, these companies can offer a BETTER VITAMIN for LOWER PRICES.  We strongly urge our readers to seek out this better way to buy vitamins.  Your health and the health of your loved ones will thank you.