Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamin

Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamin


Quality Ingredients


Overall Freshness


Enhanced Support


Complete Formula



  • Affordable Prices
  • 18 Essential Nutrients
  • Recognizable Brand


  • Synthetic Nutrients
  • Lack of Freshness

Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamin Reviews and Consumer Product Report

centrum_silver_womens50Quality Ingredients – Centrum is a Big Pharmacy company that operates with the status quo business model.  Large television advertising campaigns persuade large numbers of consumers.  Combine that recognition with moderate pricing and vitamin companies get rich.  While this marketing tactic is effective, in many instances consumers wind up getting the short end of the stick.  Synthetic Nutrients and a general Lack of Freshness are what the experts are saying about Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamin Formula.

Look, Synthetic Nutrients are not uncommon.  They are stable and they are safe to take.  Problem is that Doctors recommend that we get as many nutrients as we can from whole foods sources rather than synthetic ones.  Whole foods nutrients absorb more effectively and provide more significant benefit to those who take them.  Whole Foods vitamins, however, can be expensive if you only shop at the local stores.  Check out our comparison charts to see which brands use the best ingredients and sell vitamins that you can afford to take regularly.

[stextbox id=”warning”]Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior multivitamins on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED multivitamin in this category.[/stextbox]

Complete Formula –  As you grown older in years, it becomes increasingly important to meet your daily nutritional requirements.  Your body and mind are changing, they need the vitamins and minerals you eat to provide them essential fuel, upon which they function.  With only 18 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamin is on the lower end of the complete scale.  Many brands offer twenty nutrients up to as many as twenty two essential nutrients, which is considered a more complete formula.

Enhanced Support – To us, it is important to seek out a multivitamin that also offers Enhancedcentrum_silverwomens Support.  Some women might prefer a formula that helps support natural energy production, as fatigue is common among women over the age of 50.  Additional Bone Support is another area of concern.  Some may want Metabolism Support or Digestive Support.  Whatever you additional health concerns are, you should know that you can get much of that support by finding the right daily multivitamin.  Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamin DOES NOT  CONTAIN ENHANCED SUPPORT in this multivitamin.  While Centrum sells additional products to address that, they do not include those nutrients along with their multivitamin.

Price and Overall Value – Centrum Silver Womens Multivitamins are sold in countless stores across the country.  As we are sure you can find the best prices by shopping around, for our purposes we use an average price range.  In general, the product sells for $13-$19 per bottle depending on when and how many bottles you purchase.  When you consider the synthetic nutrients and lack of freshness, the price is moderate.  It is not great, but certainly not the worst on the market.

centrum_silver_womens50As far as value is concerned, Centrum rates a bit worse.  18 Essential Nutrients, Synthetic Nutrients and products that are often times 8-12 months old at the time of purchase cost Centrum in the Overall Value rating.  But make no mistake about it, these products are safe to use and beloved by millions nationwide.

Additional Information and Shopping Tips

We applaud you for taking the time to read over our reviews.  Far too many consumers assume that all multivitamins are the same and they fail to take a few simple steps which can help them find the best multivitamins for themselves and their loved ones.  We recommend starting by identifying which criteria are most important to you, or if they all are.  Then use our Comparison Chart as a short cut to help you identify which brands to learn more about.  From there, you can find the information you need to make a smart purchase.

Centrum is a brand that has been around for decades.  They marketing dollars they have spend in that time has earned them the brand recognition any vitamin company would want.  But they have done very little in that time to advance or adapt their formula to meet consumer trends and desires.