Natures Way Alive Mens Multi

Natures Way Alive Mens Multi


Quality Ingredients


Overall Freshness


Enhanced Support


Complete Formula



  • Contains Some* Whole Foods Nutrients
  • Complete Formula
  • Natural Energy Support
  • Affordable Pricing


  • Most nutrients are synthetic

Natures Way Alive Mens Multi Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Alive_mensQuality Ingredients – Natures Way Alive brand recognizes the importance of whole foods ingredients.  Its clear that the market trends show consumers now understand how much more beneficial high quality nutrients are than synthetic ones.  Alive mens multi included ‘some’ of these high quality ingredients and then plastered that fact all over the label.  What does that mean for consumers?

In short it means that Alive is better than many of the alternatives out there on the market.  While only the Energy Support portion of this multivitamin for men are from whole foods, fruits and vegetables, that is still better than an entirely synthetic formula.  Bottom line, Natures Way Alive Mens Multi is a step above most big name brands, but still lacks the quality of a multivitamin that uses entirely whole foods or premium nutrients.

[stextbox id=”warning”]Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior multivitamins on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED multivitamin in this category.[/stextbox]

Complete Formula – Natures Way Alive Mens Multi Reviews have shown that this formula contains 22 Essential Vitamins and minerals.  This formula is complete and consumers can feel confident that they are getting all of the nutrients that they need to round out there nutrition deficiencies.  While some consumers question the freshness of these vitamins, the formula itself contains the necessary nutrients to make your list for multivitamin.

Enhanced Support – Natures Way includes a ‘Whole Foods Energizer’ in their formula.alive_mens1  Essentially it is a blend of fruits and vegetables that support natural energy production with every dose.  Many big name brands do not offer enhanced or additional support in their formulas, but Natures Way understands the importance of providing extra value to consumers. We always recommend looking for brands that offer some enhanced support rather than forcing consumers to purchase additional products to get said support.

Price and Overall Value – This product is sold in retail stores nationwide so the prices are obviously going to fluctuate from location to location.  In general terms, the product sells for $14-$18 depending on store.  You may be able to find for cheaper with some searching.  While the price is about average, the enhanced support does offer some additional value, although not as much as our top pick.  In addition, the product is available in local stores which some consumers find valuable.

Additional Information and Shopping Tips

Alive_mensComparison Shopping is an essential part of any serious buying decision that you make.  Some consumers may question whether or not multivitamins should be considered a serious buying decision, but we think there are few more important.  First, this is your health that you are talking about.  You are counting on the multivitamin to give you the nutrients you need to maintain your wellness.  If the product lacks nutrients or if its lack of freshness affects the potency, as a consumer, your health suffers.

Secondly, you are supposed to take multivitamins daily.  In the instance of Nature Made Alive Mens Multi that would require you to pay $168-$216 per year to take your vitamins.  If you have family members who also take vitamins, that increases.  As you can imagine, over the course of 20 years you will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on vitamins.  So make sure you take the time to find the best ones at the best price.