Natures Way Alive Mens 50+

Natures Way Alive Mens 50+


Quality Ingredients


Overall Freshness


Enhanced Support


Complete Formula



  • Some Whole Foods Ingredients*
  • Natural Energy Support
  • Complete Formula


  • Most Nutrients are Synthetic

Natures Way Alive Mens 50+ Reviews and Consumer Product Report

alive_mens50Quality Ingredients – One of the things that impresses us the most about Alive Mens 50+ is the fact that they acknowledge the importance of higher quality ingredients.  While it is concerning that most of their nutrients are still synthetic, their labeling suggests they understand how much more beneficial whole foods nutrients are.  While consumers are looking for entire formulas from premium ingredients, some is better than none.

To us, this means that Alive Mens 50+ is a step above most of the alternatives on the market.  While not our Top Pick Multivitamin for men over the age 50, it certainly beats the big name brands that you typically see in storefront shelves.  So you understand, Only the Energy Support portion of the formula is from whole foods, fruits and vegetables.  The essential vitamins and minerals are all still synthetic, which is a disappointment.

[stextbox id=”warning”]Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior multivitamins on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED multivitamin in this category.[/stextbox]

Complete Formula – Natures Way Alive Mens 50+ Reviews provide information that thisalivem50+ multivitamin has a complete formula.  It looks as though they provide 22 Essential Vitamins and minerals, which certainly meets your daily requirements.  While there are some consumers who question the Freshness of these vitamins, the formula itself is complete.

Enhanced Support – Natures Way Mens 50+ includes a ‘Whole Foods Energizer’ in their  multivitamin formula. This blend of fruits and vegetables support the natural production of energy.  Many of the big name brands decline to offer enhanced support in their formulas.  Natures Way Alive Mens 50+ not only provides Enhanced Support but does so with premium nutrients.  This adds value to this multivitamin.

Price and Overall Value – Alive multivitamins are often sold in stores across the country and are also available through online retailers.  In general terms, the product sells for $15-$20 but you can find some savings by shopping around here and there.  As far as price is concerned, these multivitamins are about average considering freshness and synthetic nutrients.

alive_mens50_gummyAs for the overall value, Alive Mens 50+ rates pretty well.  While not our Top Pick Brand, the Whole Foods Energizer adds value to this formula and improves its standing against the big name brands.

Additional Information and Shopping Tips 

No matter how you cut it, comparison shopping is an important step in buying the right multivitamin.  First, remember this is your health you are talking about.  Secondly, you are going to be taking these multivitamin for decades, in most cases, and that means the dollars add up over time.  Do not make the mistake of picking any old multivitamin, take a few minutes to identify which brands best suit your needs, wants and of course your budget.

Doctors Recommend getting your nutrients from whole foods sources whenever possible..  The reason they do that is because it is more beneficial to your health and overall wellness.  This becomes even more important as we age.  For men over the age of 50, getting the best nutrients is paramount.  We recommend you continue your search, check out our comparison chart and find the best product you can.