Finding the Right Multivitamin for Kids

You want a daily multivitamin for your child because you are serious about maintaining their  health and wellness.  Take a look at 5 of the Top multivitamins for kids, and compare the differences in ingredient quality, freshness, price, and enhanced support.  Once you have the facts, deciding which brand is right for you is the easy part.

Not exactly sure what to look for?  You are not alone.  The chart below highlights many factors that are essential to the success of a good multivitamin for children.  It also compares prices and value-based factors too.   Below the chart are 6 other guidelines that should be considered when choosing a child’s multivitamin, so make sure you scroll down to read those too.

Here is the Comparison Chart for Kids Multivitamins
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How to Find the Right Multivitamin for Your Kids

Many consumers do not take the time to consider the differences between multivitamin brands.   If they did, they would see massive differences in terms of the number of essential nutrients, the quality of ingredients and the overall freshness of the multivitamins. Many consumers dismiss this because they don’t feel that purchase of less than $20 warrants comparison shopping, we could not disagree more.

Your children need specific nutrients in order for their brain and body to develop properly.  Yet Picky eating can lead to unbalanced  nutrition which can in turn lead to developmental problems that could be easily avoided with a daily multivitamin.  Protecting their health and development is your primary job as a parent, and as such, choosing a multivitamin for your kids warrants a few minutes of your attention to ensure they are getting what they need.

Tips to Consider

Buying a multivitamin isn’t rocket science, but you need to open up your mind about how and where you purchase your vitamins.  When consumers purchase from a local store, they can only compare the 5 or so brands that are offered there, most of which are quite similar.  This can lead parents to assume that all vitamins are the same and there is no reason to agonize over which brand is right for you kids.  Do not make that same mistake.

The Quality and Freshness of the nutrients contained is important.  Many parents would prefer their children have Whole Foods Nutrients or Organic Ones rather than Synthetic Nutrients.  Buying from a Store means the vitamin are shipped and stored for months before ultimately being purchased by consumers, this reduces the freshness and potency of the multivitamins.  Finding a Complete Formula is also important because you nutrient is considered ‘unessential’ and lastly, you need to find a product that you can afford for your child to take daily.

Quality Ingredients – Most consumers consider quality important, as long as it is affordable.  Doctors recommend that children get as many of their nutrients from whole foods sources as possible, and only taking synthetic when absolutely necessary.  Therefore, finding a vitamin that uses Premium Nutrients is an important part of your shopping process.  Do not get concerned if some brands offer prices that are out of your budget.  With a little homework, you can find a vitamin brand that will deliver the right nutrients at the right price.

Complete Formula – Making sure that your child is getting a complete formula should also be paramount.  Many multivitamins for kids will have only 11 essential vitamins and minerals, but look for brands with 13 to be sure you are getting everything you need.  This will usually take care of itself when you choose a brand of high quality nutrients, but always better to double check.

Price and Overall Value – Finding a formula that you can afford is part of the shopping process.  Your child needs to take vitamins daily, not some of the time.  If you chose a brand that costs too much to afford regularly, ultimately your children’s development will suffer.  In our experience, direct to consumer vitamin companies offer the best pricing and value to consumers.  Rather than buying from your local store, purchase direct from the manufacturer.  This gets you fresher vitamins and better prices.

Before you rush out and buy any old multivitamin for your kids, read over our information published here.  While the shape and character of the vitamin may matter to your children, whats inside the gummy is what matters most to parents.  Make sure your kids are getting the best.