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Vitamatic Womens 50+ Multivitamin Reviews Name Brand a Consumers Best Buy


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We have seen it in other industries.  A direct to consumer business model ‘revolutionizing’ an industry and changing the rules.  That is exactly what Vitamatic is doing to the Premium Vitamin marketplace.  Vitamatic has created a Superior Quality Vitamin, and they deliver it direct to the consumer at a savings of up to 80% from industry averages.  What that means to everyday consumers is that everyone, and every budget, can now afford to get the very best vitamins for the same price as the big name store brands you have been taking for years.

Consumers want Ingredients that come from whole foods and other premium / organic sources.  This is evident in the grocery industry and now in the vitamin one.  The main detractor has always been cost.  Premium vitamins have cost as much as $50 per bottle in the past, too costly for many consumers to afford.  That is where Vitamatic comes in.  You can finally afford to get the premium vitamins you want, without paying more than you have been for vitamins in the past.  This vastly improves the benefits to users and it is one of the reasons we have named Vitamatic our Editors Choice Best Multivitamin for Women 50+!

Vitamatic Womens 50+ Multivitamin Reviews 

womens 50 plus multivitamin supplement factsWhen comparing multivitamins, consumers need to look deeper than just the labels.  The labels will tell you if the product contains certain ingredients and in what concentration those ingredients were at the time of manufacturing.  But they don’t tell you if the ingredients are synthetic (which most brands are) and it doesn’t tell you that each day that the vitamins sit on shelves, being stored or shipped to retail locations, that the vitamins lose their potency.  Big pharmacy companies leave it up to you to seek out and discover that information.

When you factor in criteria such as the Sources of Ingredients and the Overall Freshness of the nutrients, you uncover serious differences between brands.  We recommend you check to see if the formula is complete, or whether it offers any enhanced support to its users.  There are a variety of health concerns for women over the age of 50, we think its nice when vitamin companies offer some additional support for those health concerns most common to women that age.  It provides some extra value in our eyes.  Furthermore, it is important to find a product that you can afford to continue to take each day going forward.  Taking vitamins is a daily thing, not here and there when it suits you.

After we compiled all of the notes from our search, it was obvious to us that Vitamatic is the Best Multivitamin for women over the age of 50, hands down!

Quality Ingredients – For those of you who are familiar with Vitamatic, you know that they have a well earned reputation for using the highest quality nutrients in their vitamins.  They seek out and harvest nutrients from the best sources.  They keep the costs down by selling the product direct to consumers, at is freshest, effectively cutting out the middleman.  What this means to you, is that you can get a Superior Multivitamin for the same price as you can buy a generic store brand multivitamin.  That is some Serious Savings.

High End, Premium Vitamins, like Vitamatic, usually sell for roughly $50 at retailers. At that price, most consumerswomens50plus_3way_multivitamin_bottle have to pass especially those households with multiple vitamin users.  Vitamatic has Changed All of That!  Because they sell direct to consumers with their automatic home delivery service, you can now take these superior vitamins for only $9.99 per month.  Value that great is hard to ignore, which is why Vitamatic has a Loyal following of users nationwide.

Completeness of Formula – This thorough and complete formula from Vitamatic contains 21 Essential Vitamins and Minerals specific to the health and wellness of women over the age of 50.  By taking this One a Day formula, consumers can feel confident they are delivering their body each and every nutrient it needs to look and feel its best. Despite their best efforts, many women do not receive all of the necessary nutrients they need from the foods that they eat.  By taking Vitamatic, they can feel confident they are getting everything that they need.

The Vitamatic Formula doesn’t stop there.  In addition, it provides you added benefits for health concerns common to women of this age.  Women and men are two different creatures, make sure you are taking a vitamin that is designed for your sex and age, and get ready to feel your best.

Enhanced Support – The Vitamatic Award Winning Formula not only provides women with the nutrients and minerals they need at a bare minimum, they provide enhanced support in addition.  Women over the age of 50 need additional bone health support due to the effects of menopause.  By supporting natural energy production, Vitamatic provides its users a boost that helps them throughout the day without any uncomfortable antsy feelings. Immune Health, Eye Health, Joint Health, Heart Health, and Proper Cellular Function are all a part of the daily dose of Vitamatic Womens 50+ Multivitamin.

Value Added Formulas, like this one,  is one of the reasons Vitamatic is our Editors Choice for Best Multivitamin for Women over the age of 50.

Price and Overall Value – Vitamatic is delivered to your home each month for only $9.99.  This price saves you almost 80% over similar quality premium vitamins and even saves you 20-30% over store bought big name brands.  Either way, Vitamatic costs less the competition, and out performs the competition in the benefits it provides consumers who take the vitamin.

Vitamatic employs a direct to consumer business model. This increases freshness and potency of vitamins as well as allows consumers to get a superior quality vitamin at Serious Savings.  This makes Vitamatic the Obvious Choice for Best Overall Value in a multivitamin for women over the age of 50.

We understand how important it is to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones.  Your choices should not be taken lightly.  You can trust Vitamatic to provide for all of your vitamin needs, and get prices that you can afford.  We strongly recommend these vitamins to our readers.

Vitamatic Womens 50+ Multivitamin Wins our Editors Choice Award

We examined and reported on the top brands in the marketplace.  We weighed the pros and cons of all multivitamins for women over the age of 50.  By looking deeper that the labels and examining business models, marketing practices, nutrient source information, and factoring in our readers budget concerns, we were easily able to identify the reasons why Vitamatic Womens 50+ Multivitamin is our Recommended brand for our readers.  There is no reason to take a inferior quality vitamin any more, Vitamatic has changed the rules, and consumers win…for once.