The 10 Best Products for Thinning Hair

Discover the 10 Best products for naturally stopping hair loss, and for stimulating growth. Both Women and Men deal with this issue, and THESE products are the ones to consider.

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hair folliclesAvoid the Big Mistakes… and hold onto your hair.

Women and Men have long been suffering from hair loss, and for the most part, best hair product bannerthough they had simply inherited the bad luck.  While genetics may have something to do with it, there are some “easy to fix” behaviors that just might be the KEY to getting your hair to stop falling out, or better yet… to actually regrow.  What this consumer alert is going to discuss, is 3 very common behaviors that, if eliminated or modified, just might be your savior.

Also, you should be aware that there could be many other things you’re doing that are causing the hair loss.  These are just 3 very common ones.   However, if you pay attention to these behaviors, you will probably be able to avoid similar type behaviors in your personal lifestyle.  Learn the principles and you’ll be able to make better choices.

Here are the 3 Big Hair-Losing Mistakes!

Hair Loss Trigger #1:  Crash Diets
.  Your hair and hair follicles are part of your body that require proper nutrition to function right.  While you might not be able to visible SEE when other organs or bodily functions are effected by a low-nutrition diet, hair loss is one that you can’t miss.  Make sure your diet includes essential fatty acids and all the vitamins and minerals you need.  If you can’t find time to eat a diet like that, you can always take some Vitamin E, Omega 3, and a Multi-vitamin to help.

Hair Loss Trigger #2:  Medications or Birth Control Pills.  “The pill”, or any other medication that effects hormone levels can cause your hair to thin.   By causing your body’s hormonal balance to go off kilter, hair follicles can be discouraged from growth, and your hairline might be the victim.  If possible, skip medications that are not necessary, OR ask your doctor if he or she has any alternatives that won’t effect hair loss.

Hair Loss Trigger #3:  Tight Hairstyles or “over styling”.  Whether you’re a woman who wears a tightly pulled bun or braids, or you’re someone who “slicks back” their hair with Gel or other styling products, you are probably damaging your hair line.  The constant pulling of the hair, or constant bending back, can cause the hair to weaken and fall out.  Not to mention, if you’re using styling products that strip the hair of nutrients, you are doing extra damage.   Try to keep your hair styles relaxed, and pay attention to harsh chemicals in any of the products you might be using.

Besides avoiding these hair loss triggers, what else can I do?

woman going baldOf course, there are procedures like hair transplants or other surgical methods.  But, those are costly, and could have dangerous side effects.  Plus, the recovery time is long, and often requires you to walk around for weeks with odd-looking hair plugs that are obvious.

A better solution is to look for some products that strengthen and nourish the hair, while clearing blocked follicles that have stopped producing hair.  Believe it or not, there are actually some natural products that do just that.   We have compared some of the top hair growth products, and believe that you should take a look.  Typically, they come in a “kit” with a serum, and also a specially designed shampoo and conditioner that will help bring that hair back, over time.

Since exposing consumer rip-offs is part of what we do here, at BuyerReview, we feel it’s important to let you know that there are also some products on the market that don’t work.  You definitely need to do your homework, on which are the right ones, and which actually work.  The prescription products out there do have some proven results, However, they can have side effects like causing skin breakouts, or loss of sex drive.   With some research and possibly some trial and error, you should be able to find a product that helps.

Combine avoiding the “Big 3 Hair Loss Triggers” that we outlined above, along with the search for a product that works, and you will be FAR along in your journey to restoring your hairline.