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Strivectin SD Wrinkle Cream Report and Summary

Wrinkles are a common problem that both men and women face as they enter their late 30’s.  Collagen levels begin to deplete at a much faster rate than before, and strivectin sd reviewswrinkles, fine lines and skin sagging begins to take its toll on your face.  Strivectin SD Review have shown us that a large number of consumers have turned to this wrinkle cream for help.  Strivectin, while not a household name, has been on the market for years and has a decent reputation.

Strivectin SD promises to transform your skin within 15 days, and while we all love the sound of that, haven’t we become just a little tired of companies that over promise and under deliver.  Strivectin, however, claims that this product has the lasted skincare technology and it can produce real results that quickly.

Strivectin SD Reviews

Aging skin is a real problem for everyone.  Whether or not someone is affected by their aging skin seems to vary from person to person, however everyone’s skin begins to show signs of aging eventually.  This wrinkle cream is designed to be worn daily, both morning and night.  According to the manufacturer website, the use of “youth collagen”  in their products is what makes all the difference.

Strivectin SD ingredients

 Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex

Strivectin SD contains Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex. This aids your collagen III. Collagen is a protein that is found inside and outside your body. Collagen acts to absorb tension and cells require it to maintain structure. Collagen III is generally found in your skin and it is also taken from the food that you eat. When collagen degrades, this is caused by several factors. These are: pollution, environment, vices such as smoking and drinking. When your skin degrades, this is when fine lines such as wrinkles and stretch marks become more and more evident in your skin. Strivectin SD Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex acts to increase the amount of collagen III in your skin. As collagen III is increased from the use of Strivectin SD, your skin’s elastin thickens. This allows your skin to become stronger, thus returning to its natural state of having no embellishments such as wrinkles and stretch marks.

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Strivectin SD Benefits

  Based on Strivectin SD Reviews, using Strivectin SD will dramatically improve your Wrinklnes after only a month or two of using. Not the 15 days that the company claims.  That time frame is about average for wrinkle creams.

 Strivectin SD also improves your skin’s tone, color, and over-all elasticity. This will be beneficial to people who like to smile and frown. In fact many consumers use this on stretch marks and skin firming needs.

Strivectin SD does not work only on stretch marks and wrinkles, it also works to eliminate inflammation within the skin.

 Applying a small portion of this cream goes a very long way. Compared to other products which you must apply a lot of, Strivectin SD is a highly concentrated cream that does not require large portions to be applied to your problem areas.

How to use Strivectin SD

Applying Strivectin SD is very simple process that does not take more than a few minutes. Here are the general directions in using Strivectin SD.

It is recommended to wash your body before using Strivectin SD on your problem areas. Clean skin will always absorb the vitamins and minerals that creams give. With dirt, it is harder for the skin to absorb because the seeps and pores are blocked.

 Apply the cream on your clean skin, and massage in a circular motion. This will allow your skin to fully absorb the cream, which will yield positive results.

 It is also recommended that you use Strivectin SD twice a day. Using this 3 times for a period of 24 hours is not recommended because the formula is highly potent and you should never exceed what is recommended.

A good time to apply Strivectin SD cream is in the morning and at night.

Where to buy Strivectin SD

There are numerous places where you can buy Strivectin SD. You may buy this at your nearest drug store or supermarket. It is even available at Costco, where you can buy it in bulk. You may also visit their website where you will see that a tube of Strivectin SD costs only $65.00. This is simply a bargain, considering that for most people, it can take years to get rid of their stretch marks naturally without the use of creams and other stretch mark products.

The fact that you get dramatic changes after a month of using this is enough to justify that price. Consider this, if you visit a dermatologist to treat your stretch marks and other embellishments, the cost alone for the visit most of the time exceeds a hundred dollars. This is without treatment. Can you imagine how much more you will have to pay for the treatment? The rest is up to you.

Our Overall Opinion of Strivectin SD Wrinkle Cream

The history of this product is a very strange one.  This formula was originally created for use as a stretch mark treatment.  Focusing on building new skin cells to replace the scarred and damaged one, it was found that it also offered users some anti aging benefit.  As market conditions change, and anti aging became a focal point for consumers, Strivectin put the stretch market treatment on the back burner and re-marketed this product as a wrinkle cream.

While the product does provide consumers some anti aging benefits, the truth is that it is not overly impressive.  In fact, Strivectin has since released more powerful formulas, as they themselves know this products limitations.

If you are looking for a wrinkle cream, check out our comparison chart for the best rated wrinkle creams and anti aging serums.  Chances are you can find a far more effective treatment, that was actually designed for what you hope to accomplish, eliminate wrinkles.