With so many thinning hair products on the market, Especially for Women, it can be very confusing as to which are really the ones to try. Cut to the chase! Find out our favorite 10 and discover which product can really help you with hair volume.

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Stimulair Review Stimulair Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Stimulair is a product for thinning hair.  Essentially, this is a dietary supplement to help with your hair growth
problems, but they also throw in a shampoo and conditioner for you to consider with their automatic monthly deliveries.  Chances are you are not as familiar with this brand, as you may be with some of the other products we review here, but remember sometimes great things come from surprising places.  We decided to investigate if this was the case with Stimulair.

Stimulair Reviews 

We were a bit surprised by what we saw when we visited the Stimulair website.  We expected to find a complete website with information for us to read and so forth, yet there was very little to the website.  In what appeared to be a one page sales pitch, the website basically lists the ingredients in the supplement and what they claim it can do for your hair.  There was no research or information to support the claims.

Stimulair does seem to offer any options other than AUTO DELIVERY, however most customers claim not to have noticed the options.  While this can be convenient for some, it requires canceling if you are unhappy.  Based upon the website, contacting the company may be difficult, so make sure you get all contact info, etc before you buy.

Stimulair may not seem like an option you would choose, but there is a good bit of positive reviews on the internet about this product.

Price and Buying

Stimulair Reviews have shown that this product sells for $74.95 for all three products on AUTO DELIVERY.  If you prefer to purchase the products as a one time purchase, the price is $105.85.  These prices are a bit steep for the only active ingredients being contained in a supplement, rather than a topical scalp treatment, but overall they are competitive within the marketplace.

IngredientsStimulair Review

  • Biotin

Biotin is a B-Vitamin that can reverse alopecia (hair loss) in men and women who are deficient in vitamin B-7.

  • Horsetail Silica (equisetum arvense)

Horsetail Silica provides some of the necessary building blocks of connective tissue for building hair. Horsetail silica can stimulate hair growth and restore shine and strength.

  • Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto has been shown in clinical studies to reduce levels of 5-alpha reductase by as much as %32. 5-Alpha Reductase is the enzyme the produces DHT out of Testosterone. DHT attacks, shrinks and kills hair follicles, and by reducing 5-A reductase with Saw Palmetto, you reduce your DHT levels and allow the follicles to not be harmed.

  • Ginko biloba

Ginko Biloba is widely used as a circulatory aid. Improving circulation is a critical part of any hair loss strategy, and ginko helps provide that microcirculation to the scalp and follicles that you need.

  • Pepsin

Pepsin is a digestive enzyme responsible for breaking proteins down into peptides. If you don’t have enough pepsin in your stomach, your body cannot physically build hair with the protein you get in your diet.

  • Cysteine

Cysteine is an amino acid that makes up 14% of your hair. It plays a unique role in providing the sulfur necessary for the hair for form the disulfide bridges that makes hair grow thick and strong.

  • Methionine

Together with Cysteine, Methionine is the only other sulfur-containing amino acid that is found in proteins. Like Cysteine, Methionine plays a unique role in providing sulfur to the hair that it needs to grow thick and strong.

  • Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that reduces DHT, the molecule that shrinks and attacks the hair follicle. It also helps maintain the oil secreting glands of the follicle that prevent the hair from falling out.

  • Iron

Iron is necessary for the production fo hemoglobin and myoglobin. Several clinical studies have found a direct link between iron deficiencies and hair loss. We include iron in our formula to help correct any deficiency.

  • Iodine

Stimulair Review Iodide is quintessential in keeping the thyroid balanced and functioning optimally. Abnormalities in thyroid function are often causes of hair loss, and by supplementing with Iodide, you can correct many thyroid related cases of hair loss.

Information Reported Online

We were somewhat surprised when we came across a large number of positive reviews of this product. While they could be being floated by the company themselves, there were enough of them that leads us to believe that the product is reasonably effective.

There were also a great number of complaints and reports of unfair billing practices about Stimulair.  We suggest you do a search of “stimulair complaints” on google.  Take the time to read through the complaints.  It may take a while, but you will get a feel for the concerns out there.

In a Nut Shell

Look there are plenty of “warnings” or concerns about this product / website, which may cause you to avoid this product.  There are also a good number of positive reviews and testimonials that would cause you to think it may be worth the chance.  In the long run, only you can decide what is right for you.Stimulair Review

In our opinion, this is a decent product with short sighted buying options that lead to complaints about billing.  While dietary supplements can help with hair growth, they are not typically used alone, instead being included in a regimen including serums and lotions, not just thickening conditioners. Supplements have not been proven to be as effective as topical scalp treatments.

For us, the risks out weigh the benefits and we recommend you continue on in your search for the best thinning hair solution.  Check out our comparison charts and consumers tools to help you.