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Consumer Reviews and Informational Report of Sominex

Having a full night’s sleep is only a sweet dream for people suffering from sleeplessness. Unlike other human activities, sleep is important and should never be Sominex Reviewstaken for granted. Lack of sleep negatively impact health, behavior, mood, hormones, and even sex life. Lack of sleep isn’t the only problem as insufficient sleep and uninterrupted sleep are known to cause problems as well.

If you are having a hard time putting yourself to sleep and are only getting less than the recommended 8 hours of zzzs at night, you may want to look into taking sleep medications so you can go back to normal patterns of sleep.

Aside from a balanced diet and daily exercise, sleeping is important in that individuals who enjoy regular sleeping patterns reap the following benefits:

Improved Health

Getting a good night’s sleep increases your immunity to infections and certain medical conditions. Numerous studies reveal the direct connection between sleep loss and increased risk to developing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Healthy Sex Life

Married couples who suffer from sleeping disorders report a not-so ideal sex life as one of both partners are just too tired to perform in bed due to lack of sleep. In fact, studies reveal that men who experience sleeplessness have lower testosterone levels, which in turn disables them to have the desire to have sex altogether.

Pain issues

Those who suffer from injury and are having a hard time falling asleep are known to hurt more, than those who have their regular eight hours of sleep at night. There are also research studies that point to the direct link between sleep and pain threshold.  People with injuries, but enjoy a good night’s sleep also require lesser medications.

Reduced risk of injury

Getting continuous sleep at night also translates that you are safe during the day. Sleep deprivation has been considered as a top cause for road crashes and accidents.  People who lack sleep suffer from drowsiness during the daytime, thus making them more prone to accidents and injuries.

With all of these things in consideration, you can now summarize that getting enough sleep at night is just as important as a healthy diet and regular workouts.

Compare Sominex with the Leading Sleep Aid Brands

There are natural ways to fall asleep. For those who are experiencing high levels of stress, these measures can help you manage short-term insomnia:

Stick with a sleep schedule

One effective way of improving the duration and quality of your sleep is when you schedule it as part of your daily activities. By conditioning the body and mind that you need to turn it at a set time, it becomes easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep altogether.

Smoking cessation

This is applicable for regular smokers who have a hard time sleeping in the evening.  As nicotine feature the same stimulating effect as caffeine, they are four times more likely not to feel relaxed or calm even at night.  In addition, smoking tobacco products worsens disorders such as sleep apnea and breathing problems.

Assess your medications

You may be wondering why you are having a hard time sleeping, when you generally are stress free during daytime. Stress may not be the cause of your sleeplessness, but the medications you are currently taking may be the primary reason why you can’t have a decent sleep altogether. Review your medication and verify if intake of any of the drugs cause insomnia or restlessness as a side effect. If this is the case, you may want to ask your doctor to give you an alternative drug which has the same action, but without the unwanted sleeplessness as side effect.

Regular exercise

Working out can help in promoting peaceful sleep at night. Cardiovascular exercises for example are known to stimulate the release of melatonin, a naturally occurring substance that promotes drowsiness in the evening. However, exercise should never be done four hours prior to sleeping as such is known to result in increased body temperature, which in turn inhibits sleep altogether.

If and when all of these natural measures fail, it is then time for you to consider taking sleeping medications. For those suffering from short-term insomnia, taking over-the-counter medications is ideal.

From across all sleeping medications in the market today, Sominex is the name that stands above its competition. Its efficacy and the fast results that it delivers make it the top sleeping aid that sleep experts highly recommend for individuals suffering from short-term sleeplessness only.

In this article, we will tackle all the important facts and details about Sominex. In addition, this Sominex review will also provide you information on its price and where you can score one so you can finally hit the sack peacefully.

Sominex Reviews

Sominex is a sleeping aid indicated among individuals suffering from insomnia. Its key ingredient, promethazine functions as a sedating antihistamine. Sufficient quantities of promethazine enter the brain and causes drowsiness.  Once promethazine kicks in, it successfully shortens the time for individuals to tall asleep. Furthermore, promethazine also increases the level of sleep depth, thus users are guaranteed quality, uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Sominex is the perfect management for short-term or temporary sleeplessness and is not intended for chronic insomnia.

Directions for Use

Actavis, the company behind Sominex, has set out a number of important guidelines in the administration of this sleeping medication:

–        Only one tablet should be taken at bedtime. For those who are having trouble falling asleep an hour after going to bed, Sominex can still be taken to induce sleep.

–        This sleeping aid can be taken with or without food intake.

–        Experts recommend that users follow the dosage implemented by the manufacturer. Increasing the number of tablets taken can result in the development of nasty side effects.

–        As promethazine hydrochloride is a rather strong sedating antihistamine, users are only allowed to use it for not more than seven days. If sleeplessness still persists beyond this time frame, it may be best to seek further medical consultation for proper diagnosis and treatment.

A box of Sominex containing 60 tablets retails at $47.25 only. It is currently being sold in the United States and United Kingdom only.