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Reserveage Organics Menopause Advantage Reviews

Menopause isn’t simply about your body shifting from fertility to wisdom. It is also about how your body’s biochemical balance will be affected by the absence of a Reserveage Organics Menopause Advantage Reviewsfertility cycle to prepare for every month. In some cases, estrogen levels will drop, and in others, the levels will rise, as your body scrambles to make sure your estrogen levels “balance out.” However, the normal result of all this hormonal chaos is that your estrogen levels will most likely be going up and down, depending on many factors with our system.

Signs of Menopause

While there are many effects on the body when menopause sets in, the following are the more obvious ones, and the ones that can affect others, or affect you in an uncomfortable way.

Hot flashes and night sweats – Both of them are essentially the same thing, where your body’s temperature gauge goes wild, and you feel like everything is hot. This will result in profuse sweating and other physical effects that are similar to how you would feel if you actually were in a hot room. And while there have been many jokes about mature women and their hot flashes, if you are a woman and you experience one, it definitely isn’t even the slightest bit pleasant. When it happens at night, and is known as night sweats, it becomes a problem that piles up. It will probably trigger a bout of insomnia, and this, in turn, can make you mentally exhausted, such that you will also be more vulnerable to mood swings.

Mood swings – Most women in menopause suffer from wild mood swings of varying degrees of frequency and intensity. What cannot be denied, though, is that eventually, you will have an uncontrolled outburst, which will definitely leave you either embarrassed, or with some bruised feelings trailing behind you in the hearts of your friends and acquaintances. These shifts in mood are again caused by unstable hormonal balance, as they also affect your brain chemistry. Some women even suffer from depression, either as a standalone effect or as part of the mood swing. Memory loss and confusion are also common.

Weight Gain – The unstable hormone balance can also affect other enzymes, and this can lead to weight gain – even if you haven’t been eating a lot. Some people gain weight even if they have already been using the same exercise and diet plan for the past few years.

Compare Reserveage Organics Menopause Advantage with the Top Ranked Menopause Support Supplements

The Menopause Advantage Reviews

Menopause Advantage by Reserveage Organics reviews point out the important part of this menopause supplement, which makes it practically unique among menopause products. It uses only one other special “traditional” herbal remedy for menopause, and aside from that, it uses resveratrol.

Resveratrol: similar enough

The big advantage that resveratrol has is that it has phytoestrogens, or plant substances that are similar in molecular form to human estrogen. In fact, it’s similar enough that it can act as a biochemical substitute for most of estrogen’s functions, helping balance the body’s hormone levels. In turn, this newfound balance using Reserveage Organics’ Menopause Advantage can minimize the signs of menopause, such as hot flashes and mood swings. Other studies also indicate that in certain cases, resveratrol can help with breast sensitivity and pain, aside from helping the body against cancer.

Dong Quai root

Dong quai root is a traditional Chinese remedy – an ages-old menopause supplement that works by attenuating mood swings and helping women control their emotional reactions. They also have soothing effects for more private conditions that pertain to women.

This combination of a traditional herbal remedy that deals with mood swings, and a phytoestrogen that can help with the actual hormonal balance makes Reserveage Organics’ Menopause Advantage a special solution among menopause products.

Taking Menopause Advantage

The recommended use is to take two veggie capsules a day, with no specific instruction if it should be taken all at once, or once in the morning, and another in the evening. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, or if you are known to have adverse reactions to large doses of medicine, you should start first with one tablet a day, and then go up to two daily after about two or three weeks. You can conceivably go up to three or even more tablets a day, but it would be best to talk with your doctor to see what is best for you. When in doubt, stay with the twice-a-day recommendation.

Also, if you are taking any other product that has resveratrol in it, you should again talk to your doctor to see if there will be side effects for the situation.

What you can do about Menopause aside from taking Menopause Advantage

If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, then you should consider the following:

Do change your exercise and diet plan – Once you hit menopause, your metabolism and your biochemical processes will change. In many cases, your absorption of nutrients and how you process it may be affected. In terms of your diet, you may have to talk with a qualified dietician or nutritionist to find out what is best to keep your estrogen levels up, while also making sure that you won’t gain even more weight.

When it comes to your exercise regimen, you should start thinking of exercise that will help strengthen not only your muscles, but your bones as well. In fact, you should exercise and take calcium menopause supplements aside from Menopause Advantage if you feel that you will need to keep your skeletal system stronger as you grow older.

Change your outlook in life – Instead of nitpicking and quibbling about small things, or worrying about what you cannot change, it’s no joke to say that you should take Menopause Advantage with a lightness of being. Menopause supplements work by minimizing the signs of menopause, and at the same time addressing the basis for the hormonal imbalance. Stressing yourself out for no good reason, or for reasons that you cannot change anyway, will definitely disrupt your biochemical or metabolic processes.