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Purmedica Urcinol Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

urcinol reviewsPurmedica is a product line that offers a handful of supplements to offer alternative options to consumers who have specific health care needs.  Urcinol is the product Purmedica has released for consumers who suffer from Gout.  Purmedica Urcinol is fairly visible in the gout supplement marketplace and our readers were looking for additional information about the product / brand.

Purmedica has been in business for years and according to their website, the products are manufactured in a GMP compliant facility that undergoes regular FDA inspection.  Most supplements on the market do the same, but it is always an important step to very as consumers.  If you do not see language similar to that on a brand that you are considering, then you may want to look more closely.  If you are unable to find any GMP compliant statements, even in FAQs, then you may wish to continue searching for a brand that does comply.

Purmedica Urcinol Reviews

Designed for Uric Acid Management, Urcinol uses a host of natural ingredients which are actually well thought out and diversified.  Often times manufacturers include only one ingredient, such as Tart Cherry, and consumers are left hoping that that one ingredient works well for them.  With Urcinol, consumers have a number of ingredients combined together target the symptoms of gout from a multitude of angles.  We appreciated that approach, and despite a number of complaints on line, consumers are likely benefiting from this formula.

When you are addressing gout in a supplement, using ingredients designed to block or limit inflammation is an essential component. Inflammation can be painful as consumers with gout well know.  Getting a hold of the inflammation is a must, but you also want to be sure to address the Uric Acid issues as well.  Urcinol contains ingredients to support healthy inflammatory responses and effective uric acid management.  The formula seems well thought out and well designed.

Supplement Facts and Daily Dosage

Each bottle contains 60 capsules and consumers are directed to take 2 capsules each day.  1 Capsule in the morning and 1 Capsule roughly an hour before bed time.  Each bottle will last you 30 days when taken regularly and is typically purchased for $39.99 – $89.95 depending on the supply you choose.

Each capsule contains a 500mg proprietary blend of ingredients which address the symptoms of gout and inflammation.

Information Reported Online

With the ingredients Urcinol uses we were expecting to see countless positive reviews of this product.  The formula is well thought out and seemingly complete.  We have no way to measure the quality of the ingredients used, but the ingredients should be beneficial to consumers who suffer from gout.  To be honest, we were a bit upset and concerned that all we were able to find online is a lot of questions about its effectiveness.  We did not uncover any testimonials where users were upset with the products effectiveness.  But there was very little success stories either.  It was a troubling fact.

There were a handful of complaints regarding the Auto Billing option offered on the Purmedica website, but honestly, the website sees straight forward and explains in detail what the option entails.  If you do not want auto shipments of this product, we suggest you pay the full retail price.  Do not choose auto ship and then complain for getting shipments automatically.  You look ridiculous if you do.

In a Nut Shell

Gout Symptoms are no fun.  Anyone who deals with bouts of gout from time to time can testify to that.  Do not waste you hard earned money on product that promise results and leave you wanting.  All the ingredients Purmedical Urcinol Reviews show this product contains leads us to believe the product works and works well.  It is disconcerting that we could find very little evidence that it does work for its users.

Perhaps there is a disconnect somewhere in the quality of the formula, or for one reason or another Purmedica consumers don’t want to share their successes.  We cannot answer that question.  What we can do, however, is recommend you take it as a warning or caution.  Perhaps you can find more success stories than we did, but based upon our findings, we recommend you continue your search for a supplement to ease the symptoms of gout.