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Having a pet involves a big commitment. In addition to your love, pets need to be taken care of. And just like humans, pets need to relieve themselves.

Cats do so in unsightly litter boxes. Rabbits or domestic mini pigs do so in their cages amidst smelly, messy newspapers. And dogs, well, ideally they are walked outside (although pee pads a/k/a ‘wee we pads’ may also be used).

However, sometimes things happen that may make it difficult to walk your pet… such as long hours at work, bad or hazardous weather, an emergency, or other uncontrolled circumstances.

That’s when having a quality, indoor pet potty comes in handy.

And one product stands ‘snout and paws’ above the rest when it comes to indoor pet relief… Piddle Place.

piddlepetThe Piddle Place allows your pet comfort and dignity when you are not home or unable to walk your pet.

According to the company’s website, Piddle Place was created by a registered nurse so hygiene, cleanliness and a sanitary environment is first and foremost.

piddleplace_complete productThe Piddle Place unit comes with the base with removable turf, lid and splash guard. The grass-like, non-stick turf makes for easy clean up. The turf is also porous allowing the piddle to easily flow through to the unit’s reservoir.

With a spray or two of the organic Bio-enzyme treatment to the turf, odor and malodors are virtually eliminated.

The patented quick-drain spout helps virtually eliminate splashing or spills so the unit empties easily into a toilet bowl.

Piddle Place indoor pet potty is constructed in the USA out of sturdy molded plastic which can hold over 100 lbs and up to 28 inches long animals, according to the product’s website.

The unit itself measures 19″ x 30″ and is 1.5 inches in height and will safely contain a gallon of pet waste. It is recommended to drain the unit once a week for most dogs.

What Makes Piddle Place Stand Out?

grooves (1)Unlike other similar products on the market, Piddle Place has some unique drainage (2)
features, such as the Bio-Enzyme Treatment, the patented Groove and Drainage System and the patented Quick-Drain Spout.

The product’s website also offers helpful training videos to help pets get acclimated to their new unit.

In addition, the handy travel cover and splash guard come WITH the unit, and are not added accessories, which helps with the product’s affordability and portability.

Piddle Place also offers a 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee, which shows the manufactorer stands by its product.

Finally, Piddle Place is a respected and recognized product in it’s niche.  Impressively, major publications in the pet industry have acknowledged this innovative pet relief system. Piddle Place is an award winning pet product, voted ‘The Big 1’ and ‘Editor’s Choice’ by industry staple publication, Pet Product News.

Not Just For The Dogs…

Unlike other imitations on the market, Piddle Place is not only the ideal solution for dogs, but cats, rabbits and mini domestic pigs use the product as well.

The company’s website, and Facebook page feature videos and testimonials of all sorts of animals using Piddle Place. Its use with various dog breeds as well as other household pets adds to the products attractiveness and diversity.

In A Nut Shell

If you’re looking for a pet relief system that is attractive, portable, sanitary, easy to clean and drain, and most importantly, affordable, Piddle Place is a high quality, low cost solution that allows your pet comfort, dignity and freedom. Piddle Place is cleaner than pee pads or newspapers and not as confining as a crate. Whether it’s used in a house, apartment, condo, RV or boat, if you are an avid pet lover and owner, this is one pet product we feel is a ‘must have’.