Our 10 Favorite Skin and Coat Soft Chews

Trying to find the right Multi Vitamin Soft Chew? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Pet Naturals Daily Best Dog Chews Reviews and Product Highlights

Pet Naturals is a New England based company that boasts natural alternatives to medicine for dogs, cats, and rabbits. This corporation covers an Pet Naturals Daily Best Dog Chews Reviewsarray of animal health from skin and coat, degenerative problems with bones and hips, bladder control, basic multivitamins and treats to serve as calming aids. Let Pet Naturals help to find a treat that is tasty and keeps your dog healthy!

When deciding whether or not to try Pet Naturals Daily Best, check with your veterinarian clinic. This product contains Brewers Yeast, which some dogs may be allergic to. It also contains animal-based protein from a couple different sources (chicken and pork).

Pet Naturals Daily Best Dog Chews

Pet Naturals is a supplement that provides dogs with multiple vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes (to help break down food) and anti-oxidant properties. Supplemental vitamins and minerals tag team with those obtained from food, building steady and healthy levels in the body. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals, which can degrade organs and tissue and lead to diseases.

Manufacture specified key benefits include:

  1. A balanced b vitamin complex.
  2. Digestive enzymes that support healthy break-down and storage of minerals obtained from diet.
  3. Providing skin and coat health through omega-3 additions.
  4. Support cognitive, joint, immune, cardiovascular, and nervous system health.
  5. A dog friendly flavor from chicken-based protein.
  6. Over 35 nutrients that provide optimal benefits when combined together.
  7. Supporting composition of body fluids, including blood, with 11 crucial minerals.

What are the main ingredients in Pet Naturals Daily Best?

It may be confusing to list all of the ingredients in these vitamins, since there is a lot of them, therefore we will primarily cover the main active “body builders”.

  1. Brewers dried yeast
  2. Natural chicken liver flavor
  3. Calcium sources
  4. Essential fatty acids
  5. Magnesium
  6. Potassium
  7. Iron
  8. Pork pancreas
  9. Pepsin
  10. Vitamin B12
  11. Vitamin D3
  12. Biotin

Brewers dried yeast: This brown yeast offers many healthy properties from flea control to acting as a source of omega fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and B vitamins. Not only does it keep fleas away, but ticks, mosquitos and other biting flies as well! It supports healthy skin and coat. It also acts as an anti-anxiety medicine due to addition of Vitamin B!

Natural chicken liver flavor: A protein source that is flavorful as it is healthy. It may also serve as a source of multiple vitamins and nutrients, though in minuscule amounts.

Calcium Sources: Got Milk? This popular slogan was used to promote milk for it’s Superman nutrient, calcium! Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone and joint health.

Essential Fatty Acids: Fats can be both healthy and unhealthy, depending on the type. Essential fatty acids is a healthy version when delivered in moderate concentrations. These fats support healthy skin and coat growth, act as an anti-inflammatory, regulate allergies, treat yeast infections, and promote eye and heart health.

Vitamin B12: This essential vitamin helps fight off anemia and gastro-intestinal problems, while also supporting health of the nervous system. Dogs deficient in vitamin B12 will show lethargic tendencies, therefore supplements will help energy levels.

Biotin: This nutrient helps the body absorb calcium and supports healthy skin, coat, and nails.

Pork pancreas and pepsin: Both of these ingredients come from pigs and act as digestive enzymes, helping dogs break down food (which in turn helps them absorb nutrients from their diet).

Recommended Dosage and Storage

Dosage is recommended based on weight. These vitamins are to be given daily and can be crushed in food or given as treats. If your dog is over 20lbs and requires multiple tablets daily, divide doses between morning and night.

Dogs up to 20lbs: One chew daily

20 to 70lbs: Give two chews daily

Over 70lbs: Give your dog three chews daily

These tablets also come in packets specified for puppies and senior dogs. Be sure to read the instructions if using those as they may differ.

Keep these vitamins in a cool and dry location. Conveniently, they are sold in an easily resealable bag.

Customer Reviews

Pet Naturals received good reviews and therefore may be a choice worth looking into. Consumers boasted about benefits and ease of use. Amazon ranked Pet Naturals Daily Best Dog Chew 4.2 out of 5 stars. They are chewy, which is nice for older dogs that have dental problems, but may harden if the bag is not sealed appropriately. Fortunately, these treats come in resealable bags they should prevent any hardening.

A couple discrepancies came from out-of-country manufacturing and additional filler ingredients that may be unhealthy in concentrated amounts.


Pet Naturals is a wallet friendly option that may be a wise choice for many dogs. These supplements work alongside the animals diet to maintain healthy levels of vitamins and nutrients in the body. Benefits include head, heart, skin, coat, cardiovascular, and digestive health. Pets should be started on vitamins as early as a year old and maintained throughout their lifetime. An additional nice part about Pet Naturals is the easy dosage delivery. Dosage per body weight is an simple way to maintain the healthy concentrations n the body.

Too much of anything is never a good things so delivering the correct amount is important in all supplements. While this medicine worked in many cases, it is important to remember that they are not a 100% fail proof solution for these diseases. Some dogs will need to pair the effects of these treats with exercise and weight management dieting. In a few cases surgical procedures may be required to treat bone and joint diseases. As always, consult a professional for the best methods to keep your dog healthy and happy.