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Product Summary of OsteoMax Bone Supplement Reviews

Calcium is the key mineral needed in the development of strong and healthy bones. Aging on the other hand is the culprit to many unwanted bone conditions, one of OsteoMax Bone Supplement Reviewswhich is osteoporosis. By increasing the calcium levels in the body, our bones successfully maintain optimum strength and ideal density despite aging. Unfortunately, our body’s ability to process calcium slows down as we enter our thirties. In order to treat this problem, we will need to supply our system with calcium as well as other nutrients that have long been considered crucial in healthy bone growth and development

To ensure optimum bone health in your 20s and beyond, you will need to understand the role that key nutrients play to achieve bone health. In this Osteomax Bone Supplement review, we will not only provide you with information about this phenomenal product, but also details about the nutrients that your body needs to promote bone health. Bear in mind that these nutrients do not work in isolation, but instead work hand in hand to give you stronger bones.

–        Calcium

On average, we need between 1000 and 1300 mg of calcium in our regular diet. In terms of supplementation, we will need a daily intake of 1000 to 1500 mg to achieve therapeutic range for bone health. Supplementation becomes necessary as we age as our daily diets show calcium intake inadequacy of 500 to 850 mg.

–        Vitamin D

We need up to 200 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis for optimum bone health. In terms of supplementation, we need up to 2000IU  or more to feed the bones with Vitamin D3, a nutrient that has been found to foster strong and healthy bones.

–        Vitamin C

Men need up to 90 mg of Vitamin C while women need 75 mg of ascorbic acid. The common therapeutic range for bone health is at 3000 mg. depending on an individuals’ bowel tolerance this dosage may still be increased.

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Other essential key nutrients to bone health are as follows:

–        Magnesium

–        Chromium

–        Phosphorus

–        Silica

–        Zinc

–        Manganese

–        Copper

–        Boron

–        Potassium

–        Strontium

–        Vitamin A

–        Vitamin B6

–        Folic Acid

–        Vitamin B12

–        Vitamins K1 and K2

–        Fats

–        Proteins

Unfortunately, our daily dietary intake does not have enough nutrients to feed the bones all of these key nutrients, thus supplementation becomes necessary. Deficiency in one or more of these nutrients may potentially lead to the development of bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia among others.

This is where the supplementation of OsteoMax Bone Supplement comes in. This product presents the easiest and fastest way to meet your calcium needs. it is essentially an effervescent drink that contains key nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D among many others. Not only does this offering from Nutriceuticals great for bones, but for joints as well. Osteomax comes in the effervescent drink form which means:

–        No need to take hard-to-swallow pills

–        May be taken with or without meals

It is the better method of taking in calcium and other bone key nutrients as it is powerful but gentler than taking bone supplements in tablet form.  This is especially true among older individuals suffering from reduced stomach acid production. With reduced gastric acid in the stomach, regular bone supplements such as those that contain calcium carbonate become ineffective. This means that consumers still need to drink them with meals to ensure that there is enough stomach acids to process the calcium supplements.

What OsteoMax Bone Supplement offers is calcium citrate, a bioavailable and the most highly absorble calcium to date.

 Yet another feature which makes Osteomax unique id the fact that it comes in effervescent drink form. This means that calcium will be more rapidly and effectively absorbed as this formulation has already been solubilized and buffered against abnormal pH variations in the digestive tract. OsteoMax comes in table form and is then mixed in water to form a highly soluble effervescent drink.

Yet another unique feature of OsteoMax is the fact that it contaisn L Lysine, a compound that has been proven to increase the rate of absorption of the calcium in the GI tract. In fact, the inclusion of L Lysine increases the calcium absorption two folds when compared alongside its competition.

The efficacy and potency of OsteoMax Bone Supplement extends beyond bone health. Numerous studies reveal that OsteoMax is also efficient in fighting the symptoms of PMS and is an excellent weight loss aid as well. You will notice that your bones not only becomes stronger, but your nails, hair, and skin too!

Nutrition Facts

For healthy bones and outstanding bone support, Nutraceuticals delivers the OsteoMax formulation in the following concentrations:

–        7 grams of Carbs

–        60 mg of Vitamin C

–        500 mg of Calcium

–        40 mg of Magnesium

–        400 IU of Vitamin D3

As you can see, OsteoMax contains the therapeutic range of key bone nutrients. With a balanced diet, enough rest, adequate exposure to the sun, and exercise you will be able to maintain strong and healthy bones as you age.


Regular supplementation of OsteoMax Bone Supplements promotes the following wellness outcomes:

–        Promote bone density

–        Increased ability to reduce bone loss

–        Maintain healthy bone and joint support

In addition, OsteoMax boasts 100% all-natural ingredients so you are rest assured getting positive results without the nasty side effects. Furthermore, the ingredients are of superior quality ensuring customers that they get the most bang for the buck.

Expert and Consumer Reviews

Based on OsteoMax Bone Supplement reviews online, this product presents the most bioavailable form of calcium in the market. This means that customers get the results they want at a faster rate. The fact that OsteoMax comes in effervescent drink form means it can be taken at any time of day, with or without meals. This is absolutely perfect for people on-the-go.