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Now Foods Menopause Support Reviews

As women get older, it becomes more important to prepare for menopause support. And given the issues about hormone therapy, it may be a good idea to use herbs for Now Foods Menopause Support Reviewsmenopause (taken as supplements) before resorting to all out hormone therapy.

The Hormone Therapy Issue

The big problem with hormone therapy is that while it does provide a stable balance for your hormones in your body, it also can increase your chances of acquiring some diseases that can flourish if the hormonal balance is tipped the other way. This can include some endocrine-based medical conditions, and, in some cases, even cancer.

Because of these risks, many doctors would prefer to give women who are in the pre-menopause and menopause stages non-hormone menopause support, particularly if they think that their patients may be susceptible to medical problems due to hormone therapy.

Herbs for Menopause

The solution, of course, is to look at traditional methods of dealing with menopause. This usually means looking at holistic, nature-based solutions involving herbs that have substances in them that can address either the symptoms of menopause, or address the hormonal imbalance that causes the symptoms.

That’s where Now Foods comes in, with the Now Foods Menopause Support supplement.

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A Balanced approach to Menopause Support

The idea behind proper menopause support, if you read Now Foods Menopause Support reviews, is that you need to balance all the herbs that will be included, and have them standardized in terms of potency. For Now Foods’ Menopause Support supplement, it’s all about the special ingredients.

Dong quai root – This extract is also known as female ginseng, and is known in Chinese medicine as one of the highly-regarded herbs for menopause. It can handle most signs of menopause, from hot flashes to mood swings.

Black cohosh – Just like dong quai root, black cohosh also manages hot flashes, but in this case, it also concentrates on nervousness and irritability, which are the sparkplugs for wild outbursts related to a woman’s mood swings when in menopause. Black cohosh is taken from the medicinal traditions of Native Americans.

Red clover – Red clover extract is primarily also used for hot flashes, but it is also famous for lowering cholesterol levels, as well as alleviating breast pain and tenderness. There is also evidence that it can attenuate PMS-related behavioral instability.

Soy Isoflavones – This is a new, non-GMO option for menopause support, and it is good for affecting estrogen levels by having phytoestrogens, which can be used in ways similar to estrogen itself. In this way, soy isoflavones affect not only hot flashes, but it can minimize all possible signs of menopause by providing a non-hormonal solution for the hormone imbalance that is happening in a woman’s body during menopause.

Wild Yam – Wild yam root helps not only with menopausal hormone imbalances, but with peri-menopausal concerns as well. This works best with women who are already having symptoms of menopause, even if they aren’t truly menopausal yet.

Ginger – Aside from all the other medicinal effects that ginger has, it is yet another of the best herbs for menopause, since it also deals with hot flashes and night sweats in its own way.

Chaste Tree – Chaste tree extract is well-known for helping with sensitivity of the breasts during menopause, while at the same time also helping clam mood swings down, so that women can keep their composure even when stress hits them.

5-HTP – 5-HTP is a natural anti-depressant that can calm down mood swings, making them perfect for menopause support. Aside from that, 5-HTP can also control sleep parameters, to prevent insomnia. And, as with most herbs for menopause, 5-HTP helps prevent hot flashes.

Red Raspberry – This plant extract, which is usually ingested in the form of tea, helps with pregnant women, to regulate menstrual cycles and prepare the woman’s body for pregnancy. However, it is also useful for menopausal women, in that it helps prevent hot flashes. This may or may not be related to how red raspberry helps against nausea and other sensory issues.

Other guidelines for dealing with menopause

Even if you are already using Now Foods’ Menopause support supplement, it’s still a good idea to do the following when dealing with menopause.

Be patient when scaling up any menopause support supplement – When you are taking special supplements that use herbs for menopause, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you take it in increments, so you can find out what your limits are in taking these supplements. The reason for this is that all women react differently to all the ingredients. This is why many ingredients in Now Foods’ Menopause Support are known to minimize hot flashes. This is because it’s a good idea to hedge your bets, figuratively speaking, so that if one ingredient does not work, then another certainly will.

If you think you are sensitive to something in the supplement, but wish to continue on using it, see your doctor – If you feel strongly that Now Foods’ Menopause Support is perfect for you, but you seem to be having trouble finding the right dosage, you should consult with a doctor to see what can be done.

Exercise regularly – Regular exercise is like cranking up a machine every day: it makes sure that everything is in working order, and it shows the person what needs to be maintained. In our own bodies, regular exercise will channel all the ingredients of our food and supplements to the places that need them the most. So, if you want your Menopause Supplement to go to where the ingredients are needed, then you should make sure that you have an active lifestyle or regular exercise times.

Remove stress from your life – When you are stressed, your body reacts negatively, and it can mean that many of the nutrients you are taking for menopause won’t even be absorbed correctly by the body. Excessive stress can also suppress proper metabolic actions in the body, such as lowering the immune system response, while at the same time making people more irritable. If you are already in menopause, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have as little stress as possible, so that your mood swings will not be punctuated by outbursts.