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Natures Bounty Fish Oil Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Natures Bounty is another brand of Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements that offer multiple products to choose from.
Natures Bounty Fish Oil ReviewsVarying the source of the fish oil or the concentration of omega 3s, they provide consumers a number of products to choose from.  For our purposes we are going to examine the Fish Oil 1000mg, 60 Soft Gels product.

Other Natures Bounty Fish Oil Reviews have mixed reviews on this product, however many of those sounded more like consumers unhappy with customer service or store policies, NOT unsatisfied with the product quality itself.

Natures Bounty is not alone with this problem, which is why we prefer to examine Product Reports like this one, that take a closer look at the product itself.  The information contained within this report is unbiased and objective.  Hopefully, it helps our readers find the well being they are searching for.

Natures Bounty Fish Oil Reviews

We examined the Natures Bounty website, and their product line looks complete and well thought out.  They have a wide variety of products to choose from and the overall impression of this brand is that they offer a quality product, from quality sources.  While no one is accusing them of being the best products on the market, they are far from the worst and worthy of your examination.

This 1000 mg Fish Oil bottle is said to contain 300 mg of Omega 3.  While most experts recommend a higher concentration of Omega 3, the additional fish oils do add some value here.

We are somewhat troubled by the vague mention of Anchovy, mackerel and sardine sourced, but there is no readily available information that expands upon that.  It also troubled us that the break down of EPA and DHA was not itemized and we would prefer a more specific label supplement facts.  Normally a company is excited and proud to share this information, it raises some caution by excluding it from the label.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Natures Bounty Fish Oil Reviews showed that there is very little specific information on the Supplement Facts.  Obviously, we normally examine this information more closely but unfortunately we cannot do that in this case.

Dosage is as follows.  Take 1 Soft Gel, 3 times daily preferably with meals.  So that means you are taking 3 Soft Gels per day.  There are 60 Soft Gels per bottle and therefore each bottle with ONLY last you 20 days.  Make sure you examine the overall value of any product you are considering before you buy it.  Otherwise small print like this can make the products too expensive to use.

Overall Impression

The Overall Impression of Natures Bounty Fish Oil is that the limited information, vague label and lower concentration of Omega 3s make it hard to recommend its use compared to others we examine on our website.

In our opinion, the quality of this product is fine and the brand reputable, but there are simply better options at better prices out there.  Go read the reviews and examine our consumer tools to make smarter buys.