The 5 Best Multivitamins for Women Under 50

If you are sick and tired of searching for the best multivitamin for women, and you're under 50 years old, this is the LIST for you. See the 5 best multivitamins for you, based on ingredients, quality and freshness, price, and overall value. Do not buy a thing until you have seen this report.

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Nature Made Multi for Her Reviews and Consumer Product Report

nature_made_herThe Nature Made Multivitamin products are one of the more recognized brands of multivitamins on the market today.  Brand recognition can do wonders for sales volume, but does that make them the best vitamins for you and your family?  Big Pharmacy Companies like Nature Made have capitalized on big dollar advertising budgets and persuaded hard working americans to buy their product.  With a little homework, however, consumers are able to compare and contrast multivitamin companies and purchase one of superior quality and freshness.  Read through this report and see how Nature Made Multi for Her stacked up against the competition.

Nature Made Multi for Her Reviews

Because we wanted to compare multivitamins for women, we needed to establish some criteria by which we can do so.  For our reviews of multivitamins for women, we decided upon 4 criteria.  1.  The Quality of Ingredients and their Sources.  2.  Is the Formula Complete or are Ingredients Missing?  3.  Does the Formula Offer Enhanced or Extra Health Support outside the normal nutrients.  4.  Lastly, we compare the Overall Value and Price of the Multivitamins.

Quality of Ingredients – Consumes see the word ‘Nature’ in the brand name and assume that the companies uses the best, and highest quality ingredients.  Truth is, Nature Made’s business model requires the inclusion of some concerning ingredients, while their price point creates the need for an inexpensive and profit focused formula.  To keep costs down, manufacturers may reduce concentration of ingredients or omit certain ingredients.  A quick glance may trick you into thinking the formula gives you the nutrients you need.  As you take a little closer look, you may have some questions for Nature Made about the quality of their ingredients.

Consumers are much more aware today, than they were even 10 years ago.  A focus on whole foods and organicnature_made_her_ingredients ingredients is the current trend in the vitamin marketplace, and with good reason.  In the past, these premium vitamins may have cost too much to afford for the average household, but new companies have emerged delivering the Best Quality Ingredients at the same price.  Nature Made has suffered as a result.  Big Brand vitamin companies like this one, count on brand recognition, convenience and low prices, not quality.  We recommend you check out our resources to find premium quality vitamins at a price you can afford.

Completeness of Formula – Nature Made Multi for Her Reviews have shown that the product contains most of the essential ingredients that women are looking for.  The 23 key nutrients have varying concentrations but for the most part, this covers the essentials.  The product comes in tablet form as well as soft gels.  There is no obvious additional ingredient support for women only with this product.

We have some questions regarding the sources of the ingredients contained in Nature Made formulas, strangely there is very little information about that posted online or in their product information.  Nature Made offers other products to provide consumers additional support, but they do not include any in their multivitamin formula.

Enhanced Support Formulas – Many multivitamin companies will provide you some additional support in their multivitamin formulas.  For example, a metabolism or digestion focused ingredient or two, or even brain cognition.  Nature Made is not one of those companies.  They will ‘Upsell’ consumers additional products to maximize profit, but they are not giving you any for free with your vitamin.

The Nature Made Multi for Her has been created for women under the age of 50 and provides the nutrients recommended for that group, nothing more.  Our opinion is that the formula is a bit plain and lacks the value of some other formulas with extra support.

nature_made_sizePrice and Overall Value – Nature Made multivitamins are sold in countless retail outlets across the country. While retailers sell the item for various prices, it typically sells for $15-$20 per bottle, depending on where you purchase it.  The price is fair considering the ingredients contained and their inferior quality.

As for the value, Nature Made is not tremendous.  Premium Vitamin companies have emerged with higher quality ingredients that are able to sell direct to consumers for the same price.  These premium vitamins are a far better value for consumers, as you get the best for the same price.

We recommend you take a look at our comparison charts and identify the Best Women’s Multivitamin.

Additional Information + Video

Consumers tend to purchase their vitamins from their local store with little or no thought in comparing.  This is the biggest mistake consumers can make.  Convenience is important, but so is getting ingredients that actually work.  Remember, you are taking vitamins to protect your health and well being.  Inferior products do not deliver the same results.  Be smart with your vitamin choices.