With so many thinning hair products on the market, Especially for Women, it can be very confusing as to which are really the ones to try. Cut to the chase! Find out our favorite 10 and discover which product can really help you with hair volume.

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Hair Fuel Extreme Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Reborn Labs Hair Fuel Extreme is a supplement designed to help amplify hair growth and nourish your hair.  Hair Fuel Extreme ReviewsEssentially this is a vitamin that is designed to help the overall health of your hair and follicle.  These types of supplements have been on the market for years, while most of them are marketed as beauty type supplements, benefiting the skin, hair and nails.

We were interested in taking a closer look at this product and see what twists they put on the formula to benefit new hair growth.

Hair Fuel Extreme Reviews

A quick look at the Reborn Labs website reveals that this company has a handful of supplements designed to support the body as it ages.  With products from brain health and weight loss pills, it looks like Reborn Labs specializes in supplement type treatments rather than topical serums and lotions.

This product features the active ingredient Biotin, which as we all know does provide assistance for the overall health and luster of your skin and nails.  It does not, however, have much clinical evidence in support of regrowing your hair.  At least that we are able to research or find.

While the website is professional and easy to navigate, there is not too much information posted on the effectiveness or science behind the product.  While not a red flag, we usually prefer to have that type of information before purchasing a product.

Price and Buying

Hair Fuel Extreme Reviews have shown that the prices on this product is roughly $29.99.  Also, it looks like you can only purchase this from Amazon and not directly from Reborn Labs, which is a little strange.


The ingredients are only posted on the website in the form of an image that you have to magnify in order to read.  While we would love to list each and every ingredient for you, there are far too many, much like a multi-vitamin.  The active ingredients of some importance are Biotin, PABA, Inositol, and Rose Hips.  Most others can be found in your typical multi vitamin from the grocery store.

Information Reported Online

Because the product is sold on Amazon, you can easily see some user reviews of the product before you buy it.  The main issue is that merchants can easily manipulate these reviews in order to heavily favor the product.  So as you read through them, do so with a grain of salt.

We were able to decipher one thing about the product.  For those consumers who were beginning to see thinning hair or were looking to improve the overall health of their hair, this product resulted in satisfactory results.  The negative remarks seemed to be related to those consumers who were looking for a more serious hair regrowth treatment.  In those instances, it seems consumers found better results elsewhere.

In a Nut Shell

This product is a hair health vitamin.  It does what it is designed to do, but not much more.  If your hair is damaged from daily treatments and regimens and you are looking to restore its natural luster, health and beauty, this product has the ingredients you need.  For some men and women, this is all that their hair and scalp needs to grow some new hair.

For the rest of you who are looking for a more serious hair regrowth treatment, then you need to continue your search.  Look for products that have some evidence of hair regrowth and ingredients that affect the scalp, follicle and hair bulb subcutaneous.  Be sure to check out our comparison pages and consumer tools for help.