Inside Report of the 10 PREFERRED Menopause supplements of our staff, designed to ease the discomfort and symptoms of menopause. Don't waste time...just buy the ones we approve.

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Consumer Review of New Chapters Estrotone Reviews

Estrotone Reviews
One of the more common solutions for menopause is to offer hormone therapy, which means that you’ll have to introduce estrogen into your system to counteract the
lowering levels of estrogen, thanks to the fact that your body is no longer following a fertility cycle.

However, there have been many questions about how safe this sort of therapy is, as the estrogen has to be carefully balanced, otherwise too much of it may lead to other estrogen-based medical conditions, including a higher risk for cancer. With that sort of odds, most people would rather not go for hormone therapy. However, what can be done about menopause, in such a case?

Non-Hormone Menopause Supplements

The solution is to combine menopause supplements with natural ingredients with proper diet and other lifestyle changes. For example:

Stress – Many people don’t realize how important removing stress is from people who are in menopause. The truth is, many women would suffer fewer outbursts thanks to their hormonally-triggered mood swings if they had fewer things to worry about or nitpick over. However, it doesn’t stop there. Less stress means less rumination at night, meaning that you will have less insomnia triggers. Finally, there is some correlation to how stress disrupts your digestion and metabolism. The old saying that stress can kill you may not necessarily be literal, but it surely can give your body and mind a lot of grief.

Proper diet – Even if you already have one of the best menopause supplements in the planet, the fact is, it’s still a supplement. You have to talk with your doctor, or a qualified dietician or nutritionist to come up with a diet plan that can help you minimize some of the symptoms of menopause. Much of the diet should be addressing the fact that you may need more of certain nutrients to produce more estrogen. Aside from that, your doctor may suggest some holistic remedies that will work well with your menopause supplement (like New Chapter’s Estrotone softgels).

Regular exercise – Exercise not only keeps your muscles in shape, they also help direct where nutrients will go in your body. Not only that, exercise helps your body maintain itself properly, buy identifying which parts need more of certain nutrients. This also means that your hormone production can stabilize, or even increase, depending on how your body reacts to exercise.Estrotone Reviews

Compare Estrotone Menopause Supplements with the Best Menopause Supplements

New Chapters Estrotone Reviews

Many of the Estrotone herbal hormonal balance softgels reviews concentrate on how easy it is for softgels to be digested properly, but the real trick with Estrotone blends its different ingredients to come up with a balanced response to menopause symptoms and the underlying causes.

Evening primrose oil – this plant oil extract helps regulate hot flashes, while at the same time alleviates breast sensitivity and pain. There is evidence that evening primrose oil also has deeper, more influential effects, as it addresses the underlying hormonal issues as well.

Schizandra – While not necessarily for menopause, schizandra can help with some menopause symptoms, notably irritability, depression, and memory loss. It can supposedly minimize bouts of insomnia, and can probably help with hot flashes since it can also influence how a person sweats.

Ginger – Ginger has long been used as an infusion or as tea in helping minimize hot flashes or night sweats. As an extract, this can help concentrate the effect. For some women, this may be enough to minimize hot flashes to a few times a month – or even once every few months.

Black cohosh extracts – Black cohosh extracts, like ginger, relieves women of the intensity of hot flashes, and is known to help minimize insomnia. This is done through the existence of phytochemicals that mimic estrogen, though the exact biochemical reaction is still unclear. Whatever the case may be, black cohosh has a history of effectiveness, being a traditional herbal medicine for menopause among Native Americans.Estrotone Reviews

Chaste Tree – Chaste tree extracts support the biochemical balance between estrogen and progesterone levels, which can then minimize menopause symptoms. In this case, menopause supplements with chaste tree extracts help women by targeting the base issue: the imbalance of hormones in the body. However, because of this, this extract is usually paired with one that can relieve the actual symptoms, such as black cohosh extracts.

Rosemary – Rosemary is primarily used to boost mental clarity, which can help in dealing with memory loss and some of the irritability and the mood swings that accompany menopause.


You might be thinking: why are so many of the ingredients doing the same thing? Why are so many of them concentrating on getting rid of hot flashes and mood swings?

The answer to that is two-fold. On the first level, women react on individual levels to all the herbal medicines being used in menopause supplements. It’s a better idea to have many ingredients that do the same thing, so that if one doesn’t work, then the others can definitely have a chance of doing better.

The second level for this sort of interaction is that these herbal ingredients that are available in New Chapter’s Estrotone herbal supplements all work in different ways to achieve the same goal. If taken altogether, there is a chance that the signs of menopause can definitely be minimized – though never removed totally.

Other advice about dealing with menopause

Estrotone ReviewsWhen you are taking menopause supplements, you should be aware of what your allergies are. Do talk about your supplements to a doctor if you are beginning to have unpleasant side effects. You should also resist the urge to take large doses. Start with the minimum recommended dosage, particularly if you are known for having a sensitive stomach.

If you are taking other medicines and supplements, you should also check for possible drug or herbal interactions. At the very least, some ingredients may end up canceling each other out. At worst, you may end up with unpleasant reactions that may need you to stop one or the other, depending on what you need more.