Colon cleansing or colon support supplements have long been mistaken as laxatives. They are NOT. Find out which of these Vital supplements are the Very Best before you buy any.

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Dual Action Cleanse Reviews for Consumer Information

Dual Action Cleanse is undoubtedly one of the most popular colon cleansers on the market today. This formulation was introduced by Klee Irwin, who advertises this product as a Dual Action Cleanse Reviewsdietary supplement that helps cleanse the colon for optimal health.

You may even have seen Dual Action Cleanse on infomercials as this colon cleanser has been around for more than 10 years now. With regular supplementation, the makers of Dual Action Cleanse, Omni International, promises the following results”

–        Flatter abdomen

–        Reduced bloating

–        Increased energy levels

–        Intensive cleansing effect

–        Features anti-gas and anti-bloat enzymes

As Dual Action Cleanse has been around for more than a decade now, millions of consumers have already experience the potency and efficiency of this colon cleansing product. This is  essentially a two-part program that is a powerful combination of fifty botanical ingredients to give you that clean and healthy feeling on the long haul.

Based on Dual Action Cleanse reviews from past customers, this product gave them a clean feeling from the inside out. In addition, users report they were able to trim down to their ideal weight with the help of Dual Action Cleanse.

Compare Dual Action Cleanse with the Top Rated Colon Cleansers on the Market Today

Another customer reveals that his overall health improved when he tried out Dual Action Cleanse. It effectively removes old stuff from the system which in turn enhances the rate of absorption of nutrients by the stomach and engages the large intestine to efficiently expel  waste materials.

Dual Action Cleanse is recommended by wellness experts as it is a clinically-proven colon cleanser that will not only make you feel good on the inside, but look better on the outside too!

The Importance of Colon Cleansing

•        The body has several routes where waste products and toxins are removed from the body. External aggressors as well as poor diets eventually overwhelm these detoxification routes . Colon cleansing is beneficial in that all detox routes are cleansed to make way for proper functioning o the digestive system. The total body purifier found in Dual Action Cleanse supports the body’s overall health and wellness status. It features beneficial ingredients such as Milk Thistle Extract that supports the functioning of the liver, an organ that is crucial in the detoxification process. This ingredient is also known to reduce bloating and gas.

•        The Colon Clear Formula is a blend of gentle and yet effective herbs that unclog the digestive system. Modern food items unfortunately feature low fiber count and are laced with chemicals that clog up the gastrointestinal tract. These food items are also culprit for bloating and abdominal distention. The Colon Clear Formula promotes regular peristalsis movement which in turn results in increased absorption and efficient elimination process as well.


The agency, Cellular Research Formula was successful in meeting high standards in terms of potency, quality, and freshness of its ingredients. Dual Action Cleanse is a colon cleansing product that can be used on a regular basis. Unlike other colon cleansers that can only be utilized in 7-day cycles, Dual Action Cleanse is a two-part program which you can use for 30 days straight without unwanted side effects and complications.

The two-party Dual Action Cleanse program consisting of:

–        Total Body Purifier which promotes the fast removal of environmental toxins from the entire digestive tract.

–        The second formula, the Colon Clear Formula promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel movement which facilitates the removal of toxins regularly and on the long term.

With this two-part Dual Action Cleanse program, you will undeniably feel lighter and better after a few days of intake.

Of course, there are a ton of other colon cleansers with a similar scheme, but only Dual Action  Cleanse work fast and is clinically proven safe.

The key ingredient found in this product is the Anti-Gas and Anti-Blat Digestive Blend that keeps your digestive system at its peak function at all times.

The Total Body Purifier contains the following ingredients

–        Calcium  at 56 mg

–        Iodine at 13 mcg

–        Proprietary herb blend containing:

Ø        Alfalfa

Ø        Fenugreek

Ø        Yarro

Ø        Dandelion

Ø        Eleuthero extract

Ø        Green tea extract

Ø        Hawthorn

Ø        Horsetail

Ø        Licorice

Ø        Marshmallow powder

Ø        Red clover

Ø        Red raspberry

Ø        Safflower oul

Ø        Skullcap powder

Ø        Burdock

Ø        Black cohosh

Ø        Chickweed powder

Ø        Kelp

Ø        Mullein

Ø        Papaya

Ø        Slipper elm

Ø        Yellow dock powder

Ø        Milk thistle extract

Ø        Blue-green algae

Ø        Cape aloe gum

Ø        Chinese rhubarb

Ø        Cranberry

Ø        Turmeric powder

The Anti-Gas and Anti-Bloat Digestive Enzyme Blend consists of amylase, cellulose, lactase, lipase, and protease

The Colon Clear Formula on the other hand contains the following ingredients:

–        Calcium at 96 mg

–        Cascara Sagrada

–        Fennel powder

–        Psyllium powder

–        Ginger powder

–        Acacia gum

–        Alfalfa powder

–        Apple fibers

–        Apple pectin powder

–        Barley grass powder

–        Beet powder

–        Karaya gum

–        Lemon peel powder

–        Peppermint

–        Red raspberry

–        Slippery elm powder

–        Guar gum

–        Lactobacillus acidophilus

–        Garlic extract

–        Turnip powder

–        Watercress powder

The Green Tea Fat Burner formula on the other hand features the following ingredients:

Natural caffeine at 160 mgGreen tea extract at 400 mg

Essential vitamin blend that contains:

Yerba mate

Cayenne extract

Ginger root extract

Eleuthero extract

Gotu kola powder


The Dual Action Clean program contains the following items:

–        60 Total body purifier tablets

–        90 Colon clear formula tablets

–        30 Green tea fat burner liquid soft gels