The 10 Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles

With SO Many Rip-off eye creams on the market, it can be very hard to find the few eye creams that WORK. This Top 10 List is a secret short cut to finding the superior eye creams out there, that help with dark circles and puffy eye bags.

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Dark Circles Under Eyes and How to Get Rid of them – the 7 Big Keys

dark circles under your eyesDark circles under eyes plague many of us as we begin to age.  This unsightly discoloration is found how to get rid of dark circles under eyesunder the eyes around the orbital bone.  How to get rid of dark circles is quite a challenge.  Heredity and things like Allergies are the cause for some people, but most begin to suffer from dark circles as their skin begins to age.  There are many reasons that dark circles appear, many of which are lifestyle choices.  Regardless of the cause, the thin layer of skin below the eyes is showing blood vessels and the blood they contain more clearly than other parts of your body.  This causes the appearance of Dark Circles under eyes, and is why so many people seek out the best eye creams to get rid of the dark circles and wrinkles.

We are all aware of the importance of a healthy diet and proper lifestyle choices, but we seldom stop to think about all of the real and lasting repercussions of our actions.  Most of the men and women who now suffer from Dark Circles are desperate to find a treatment that works effectively. All of them wish they could go back and make smarter choices, now that they know the facts.

The 7 Big Keys to Getting Rid of dark circles under the eyes are below.   But, if making these changes seems like too much work, or if you HAVE made these changes and your dark circles are just too stubborn, there is another way.   There are creams on today’s market that contain the ingredient Haloxyl.    Haloxyl is a Key to getting the blood capillaries to stop leaking and accumulating that dark, discolored area under and around your eyes.   One product that contains Haloxyl, along with Eyeliss, and several impressive Copper Peptides to eliminate wrinkles along with getting rid of the dark circles under your eyes is The Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel.


Below is a Diagram showing how Dark Circles are Formed under the eyes.   Getting Rid of them is a matter of preventing the leaking capillaries.

dark circles under eyes diagram


Here are the 7 Big Mistakes!

Mistake #1 – The Consumption of Alcohol – Yup, its a big one.  Many of us do it, some of us do it with more regularity than others.  The fact is that the consumption of alcohol can lead to dark eye circles.  While many Americans happily assume the risks for a fun night out on the town, the lasting affects may leave you second guessing your choices.  One nights fun or years of living with unsightly dark circles under your eyes?  Its not an easy choice, but at least now you have the facts to decide for yourself.

Mistake #2 – Not Drinking Enough Water – Think you have your water consumption under control?  Wrong.  Almost 80% of Americans do not drink enough water and are dehydrated.  The old thought was that eight 8oz cups a day was enough, however science has come a long way since then.  To be properly hydrated and get rid of dark circles you must drink your body weight divided by 2 in oz of water.  ex.  135 lbs woman should be drinking 68oz of water per day.  A 180 lbs. man should be drinking 90 oz of water per day.  If your being honest with yourself, do you drink enough water to properly hydrate?

Mistake #3 – Drinking Coffee or Caffeinated Drinks – With the sales volume at Starbucks and Coffee Chains worldwide at an all time high, many Americans fall into this trap as well.  Coffee is not new to our culture, we have all survived on it for years.  It is essential to many of us getting started each and every morning.  Did you know that all this caffeine can lead to Dark Circles under the eyes?  Drinking caffeinated drinks (this includes soda, coffee, energy drinks, etc.) is a staple of the American lifestyle, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised so many of us are coping with the realities of Dark Circles.

Mistake #4 – Sun Damage – Getting too much sun is a problem, most of us know it and some of us even use sunscreen.  Many americans apply sunscreen when the visit the beach or hang out by the pool.  Yet our faces are exposed to the sun every day.  The exposure to UV rays accumulates over time, leading to hyper pigmentation under the eyes.  This causes Dark Circles. This thin skin loses the ability to regenerate early on in the aging process.  The damage you may have done to your skin early in life may come back to haunt you if you don’t take steps today to prevent it.

Mistake #5 – Eating Foods High in Sodium – We all know that eating too much salt is a bad thing.  But not everyone stops to think about eating prepared foods and Soft Drinks and how the total amount of sodium they consume is actually quite excessive.  If you buy prepared side dishes or soups you should check out the sodium content.  Take the time to read the labels on your soft drinks and foods you eat.  If you find your diet exceeds the recommended daily amounts of sodium, make some changes and do it quickly.  Scientist are now linking diets high in sodium with the onset of dark circles.

Mistake #6 – Lack of Sleep – Lack of sleep is one that many of us fall into with some regularity.  The occasional night out here and there is fine.  But when you find yourself regularly running on less than 7 hours of sleep a night, that is not a good thing.  I know 7 hours may seem like a lot to many of you, but the science shows that this is an absolute minimum  for teens and adults.  If you have spent years of your life running on less, you are not alone, but you may be prone to dark circles under your eyes.  Lack of sleep and dark circles are definitely connected, as most of us know.

Mistake #7 – Smoking – If you don’t know that smoking is bad for your by now, you have been hiding under a rock.  That doesn’t mean that you have quit however.  Many Americans smoke either full time or part time (out drinking) and it is an absolute killer on your skin.  Dark Circles, wrinkles, cancer, etc.  If you are still smoking cigarettes chances are that you don’t care about your appearance because it is the worst thing you can do for your skin.

When you stop and think about it, many of the activities we know and love revolve around some of these activities and toxins in your system cause dark circleslifestyle choices.  It is hard for many Americans to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to maintain the youthful looking skin they desire.  If you already have dark circles under your eyes or are looking to prevent them you really need to act now and make some changes.

It is not overly complicated.  Increase the water you drink.  Reduce the caffeine if eliminating it is not realistic for you.  Make sure you drink booze in moderation, wear sunscreen and get plenty of sleep each night.  The more habits you change today, the more thankful you will be as your skin continues to age.  After all, most of us do value our appearance and there is no chance dark circles are going to come into fashion.