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Clinique Neck and Chest Cream Summary and Conclusion

Skincare is an important part of health and wellness. Although problems that plague the skin are not as serious as those that concern vital body organ systems, clinique cx neck and chest cream reviewsit is but very important for us to maintain healthy and beautiful looking skin. This is for the fact that our personal appearance, that which includes the overall condition of the skin, highly affects our sense of wellbeing as well as confidence and self-esteem too. Once you start noticing the signs of aging creep up your skin, the most common intervention that women resort to is that of grabbing the first anti-aging product on the shelf. Although potent skincare collections are now made available over the counter, only a few of these can actually induce de-aging and skin rejuvenation.

One of the few handfuls of skincare companies that has the ability to induce positive skin changes is Clinique. With decades of formulating skincare products and cosmetics, they have truly mastered developing the most powerful anti-aging products around. One of their best-selling products for anti-aging is Clnique CX Neck and Chest Cream. This is the skincare giant’s answer to targeted treatment for the neck and chest regions.

This Clinique CX Neck and Chest Cream reviews will enumerate all important information about the product- from its ingredients to the reviews from both customers and skin experts alike.

Clinique CX Neck and Chest Cream Reviews

De-ageing is the foremost goal of Clinique when they rolled out their CX skincare line. High-performance anti-aging products are hard to come by these days as an increasing number of beauty companies are coming out with their own rendition of what an ultimate de-ageing product should be. It was a few years ago that Clinique marketed their own take of superior quality skincare products. One of the many skincare products included in the CX collection, is the neck and chest de-ageing cream. It guarantees outstanding results, ease of application, and speedy outcome. Although Clinique features existing anti-aging lines such as Repairwear, Super Rescue, and Superdefense, the CX is the crème de la crème of anti-ageing products as it features only the best ingredients in the highest and most ideal concentrations.

Another unique quality of the Clinique CX chest and neck cream is that it is only made available to the US market. Most commonly, this skincare line can only be purchased in high-end establishments like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman to name a few. They say not all expensive goods are of great quality, but it has been noted many times that the Clinique CX neck and chest cream is truly worth the money investment.

The Clinique CX neck and chest cream promises to give you de-ageing results you have long desired in just four weeks. The potent de-ageing stimulus from this formula can be attributed to the powerful anti-ageing ingredients that Clinique used for their CX line.

What does it claim to do?

Based on Clinique’s official website, regular use of this neck and chest cream will deliver:

–        Visibly firmer and tighter neck and chest regions

–        Horizontal lines on the neck area and vertical aging lines on the chest area will quickly diminish with religious application

–        Improved skin tone and even coloration

–        Perfect for all skin types

Compare Clinique CX Neck Cream with the Best Neck Creams Money Can Buy

As the name implies, the CX neck and chest cream targets skin aging signs that appear on the neck, decollete, and chest regions. Since the skin makeup in these parts of the body are very different from that of the face, the formulation and concentration levels of ingredients differ as well. The thick cream is enriched with compounds that have extensively been studied by experts from Clinique. They are dermatologically-tested so you are sure to get results in four weeks or even at a shorter time.

The secret to the effectiveness of the CX neck and chest cream lies on its ingredients. Clinique understands the need for a potent skincare line which is why they concocted a formula that uses the power of nature. For the CX collection, Clinique integrated natural ingredients as they are both strong and powerful. The exceptional formula is enriched with the following natural compounds:

–        Jojoba seed oil

–        Green tea leaf extract

–        St. Paul’s Wort

–        Birch extract

–        Wheat germ

Botanicals, or natural chemicals derived from plants are infused into the formulation to improve the anti-aging effect on the skin. Other key ingredients presented by best neck cream are:

–        Whey Protein

When you think that Whey can only be found in fitness supplements, Clinique innovates and uses it as part of their de-ageing formula. This protein compound is known to increase the natural production of collagen by the body, which in turn helps in firming the skin as well as minimizing the appearance of aging signs on the neck and chest regions.

–        Cholesterol Potassium Sulfate, Barley, Wheat Germ, and Squalene

These ingredients work synergistically to repair and moisturize the skin. It also contains lipids that restores the skin’s hydration system.

–        Acetyl Glucosamine

Acetyl Glucosamine is an amino acid derivative that aids in restoring the radiance and glow of the skin.

–        Vitamins C and E

These nutrients feature anti-oxidant properties that help in preventing further damage on the skin by increased free radicals caused by aging. Green Tea works with these nutrients in keeping the skin looking and feeling young.

Customer Reviews

This high-end product delivers all its claims based on Clinique CX neck and chest cream reviews by customers. Users report tighter and firmer skin on the neck and chest regions as the cream was able to deliver the right amount of hydration without causing irritation and breakouts. Although Clinique claims the results will be noticeable in four weeks, majority of users notice significant reduction in the appearance of horizontal wrinkles and vertical lines on both chest and neck area. Other perks of using the neck and chest cream by Clinique is that of even coloration and increased skin smoothness too.

The only downside to acquiring this product is the price. Skin experts claim that although Clinique CX is the best neck firming cream, there are other skincare products which can produce the same set of results, but at more affordable price tags altogether.