Colon cleansing or colon support supplements have long been mistaken as laxatives. They are NOT. Find out which of these Vital supplements are the Very Best before you buy any.

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CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser Reviews and Consumer Report

Every time that you would want to purchase and take a new kind or brand of nutritional supplement, reading reviews that have been made by unbiased individuals and parties CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser Reviewsshould be one of your priorities. Doing so will help you become a much more educated consumer, ensuring that you do not fall victim to false claims and empty promises. So if what you need to be doing right now is reading factual CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser reviews, you will be happy to know that this article is exactly what you need.

We guarantee you that this review of the CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser was written in a factual manner. Our recommendations have been made based on the research that we have done on the product. We want to assist consumers out there as much as we can, and we believe that making them aware of the good and the bad about the colon cleansing supplements we review will transform them into more educated shoppers.

A Quick Overview on the ColonSmart Colon Cleansing System

Let’s begin this CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser review by providing you with a short overview of the product.

The CleanseSmart Colon Cleansing supplement is described by the manufacturing company as a comprehensive internal cleansing product. The formula that has been incorporated into the product makes use of 22 different ingredients. Most of these are concentrated herbs, while others are minerals that, according to the developers, are just as beneficial. Two different capsules comprise the product, namely: the CleanseSmart 1 and the CleanseSmart 2.

Compare SmartCleanse Colon Cleanser to the Best Colon Cleansers on the Market

In a nutshell, it is a product specifically engineered to cleanse, support, and nourish the 7 methods of elimination, including the following:

1.        Liver

2.        Lungs

3.        Lymphatic System

4.        Kidneys

5.        Skin

6.        Blood

7.        Bowel

What Goes into the CleanseSmart Supplements?

As mentioned above, CleanseSmart is comprised of two different kinds of supplements. It is important that you read CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser reviews that discuss the ingredients of both, as you do not want to put your body at risk, especially if you know that you may be allergic to certain food types.

To help you out further, we have included a list of all the ingredients used in both the CleanseSmart 1 and 2.

CleanseSmart 1 – This is the Morning Formula, and it is comprised of 750 mg of the proprietary blend of ingredients that include the following:

o        Artichoke Extract – 4:1 Leaf

o        Ashwagandha Extract – 5:1/1 Root

o        Beet Extract – 4:1 Leaf

o        Bupleurum Extract – 4:1 Root

o        Burdock Extract – 5:1 Root

o        Dandelion Extract – 4:1 Root

o        Hawthorn Extract – 4:1 Berry

o        Milk Thistle Extract – 4:1 Seed

o        Turmeric Extract – 4:1 Root

o        Celandine Leaf

o        Chlorella

o        Corn Silk

o        Larch Arabinogalactan (LAG)

o        Mullein Leaf

o        Red Clover Leaf

o        Red Clover Stem

CleanseSmart 2 – This is the Evening Formula, and the following ingredients are used in its manufacturing.

o        230 mg of Magnesium, in the form of Magnesium Hydroxide

o        850 mg of Proprietary Blend of the following:

§        Cape Aloe Leaf

§        Rhubarb Root

§        Slippery Elm Bark

§        Marshmallow Root

§        Fennel Seed

§        Ginger Root

§        Triphala – A blend of Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki

In addition to these active ingredients, both the Morning and the Evening Formula also make use of vegetable fiber plus water for its vegetable encapsulation.

Directions for Use and Recommended Dosage

One of the most important things that many other CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser reviews tend to forget is the proper way to take the supplements. This is something that you should never disregard, as it can mean the difference between enjoying its possible benefits from experiencing side effects. You should do this not only for this particular brand of supplements, but for all the other nutritional products that you take.

For the CleanseSmart 1, you need to take 1 capsule of it every day for the first three days. Make sure that you drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. After this, you can now take 2 on a daily basis. The same goes for the CleanseSmart 2, the only difference is that you need to drink the supplements before going to bed.

Other Important Facts about the CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser

One of the good things that we found about CleanseSmart is that the manufacturer is honest enough to admit that possible side effects may develop. This is particularly true for CleanseSmart 2, the evening formula. In the event that you have or that you develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain, regardless of whether the Morning Formula has caused it, you should discontinue its use.

Some of the other things you need to know about both colon cleansing formulas are the following:

•        Should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women

•        For those trying to conceive, under medications, or suffering from an existing health problem, it is highly advised that you first seek the advice of your primary physician

•        The CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser supplements should not be considered as a long term remedy

Pros and Cons of the CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser

Before we conclude this CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser review, let us first give you the impressive and the not-so-good aspects of the nutritional supplements.


o        The list of active ingredients is quite comprehensive, with the total being 22 different herbs and minerals

o        Many of the ingredients used has been found to have properties that can benefit not only the colon, but the overall health and well-being of consumers

o        Cautions, warnings, and reminders are provided by the manufacturing company regarding the product’s use

o        Positive consumer reviews about the supplements being effective can be found online in other reputable and trusted websites


o        The product can be a bit harsh for some, especially for those who are going to do an internal cleanse for the first time

o        Results may not be noticeable immediately; some consumers would have to wait for at least 2 months before they can experience the benefits

The Verdict – Is the CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser Recommendable?

For us, the answer to this question still depends on the user. For those who have already done an internal cleanse before, we found that this product may just benefit them. However, just like what other unbiased consumer CleanseSmart Colon Cleanser reviews advice, it may not be as beneficial for those who will be performing internal cleansing for the first time