The 5 Best Multivitamins for Women Under 50

If you are sick and tired of searching for the best multivitamin for women, and you're under 50 years old, this is the LIST for you. See the 5 best multivitamins for you, based on ingredients, quality and freshness, price, and overall value. Do not buy a thing until you have seen this report.

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Centrum for Women Multivitamin Reviews and Consumer Product Report

centrum_womenChances are you have seen the Centrum for Women Multivitamin commercials on TV.  There is no doubt about it, Centrum is one of the more widely recognized vitamin brands and consumers have turned to Centrum for years for their vitamin needs.

Recent years have shown a shift in consumer awareness of the foods and vitamins that they take.  This shift towards organic and whole foods has altered the way consumers are thinking about their vitamins.  The more consumers understand about the importance of comparing multivitamin brands.  Just because you recognize the brand name does not mean you should trust Big Pharmacy companies to deliver the best possible nutrients without using harmful or concerning ones.  For this reason, consumers must compare multivitamins, their ingredients, and the sources from which those ingredients are harvested.  We took a closer look at how multivitamins for women compare to one another.  This report shows how Centrum for Women stacks up against the competition.

Centrum for Women Multivitamin Reviews

In order to be objective and effectively compare multivitamins you need to establish certain criteria by which you can compare and contrast between the brands.  This is especially true with multivitamins because there is such great similarity between brands.  For purposes of this report, we decided to use the following criteria.  1. The Quality of the Ingredients and their Sources.  2. Is the Formula Complete? Are women getting Everything they Need?  3.  Does the multivitamin Offer any Enhanced Support or address any additional health conditions for women. 4.  Lastly, we examine the Overall Value and Price of the Products, because we know price is important to many families.

Quality of Ingredients – The reason you have heard of Centrum is because this is a massive organization.  Thecentrum_women_ingredients amount of dollars spent on television campaigns and multi media advertising campaigns is staggering.  They are like many other Big Pharmacy companies in that regard.  This brand recognition persuades consumers to purchase their products while giving very little attention to the details of the product.

The formulas are adequate, it is not as though they are no good.  They compare with the other Big Brand vitamin companies on the market.  They cannot stack up, however, against the whole foods, premium vitamin ingredient brands.  Unfortunately for consumers, they are left to choose between expensive vitamins that cost up to $50 a bottle and using vitamins from lower quality sources.  For consumers who understand the ingredients to avoid or at least be concerned about, Centrum for Women raises some serious questions that should be looked at more closely!

Premium Vitamins and Vitamins that sell direct to consumers tend to be more fresh, which is an advantage for consumers.  Many consumers are becoming more educated on organic and whole foods and the benefits that come with them.  The same is true with vitamins.  Using vitamins that source ingredients from whole foods or ‘premium’ sources leads to greater benefits for consumers.  Recently, Online Vitamin Manufacturers have been able to deliver these Premium Vitamins to consumers at Huge Savings  FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE BIG STORE BRANDS.

Completeness of Formula – The Centrum for Women Multivitamin Reviews have shown that this formula has a complete list of ingredients that it offers.  The ingredient list is extensive and at first glance seems to contain most of the ingredients you are looking for.  Under closer examination, you can see that many of the concentrations of these ingredients are lower than in other brand names.  While this may maximize profits, consumers wind up being the ones who suffer.

centrum_women_bottlePeople only take vitamins to get the nutrients they don’t get with their regular diet.  If your multivitamin does not deliver 100% of the ingredients you need to meet your daily value, there is no point in taking it.  Make sure you are getting the ingredients you need, and pay for.  Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of taking a multivitamin.

Enhanced Support Formulas – Many multivitamins offer additional support and ingredients to address certain health conditions common to women who are under 50.  Centrum is not one of those companies.  They do have products to address most of the health conditions common to women, however consumers are required to buy those products separately.  This multivitamin with give you the essential vitamins and minerals you need for general health, but does not give you much additional value.

Centrum for Women does come in a gummy form as well as  ‘Vitamints’ version which is half mint, half vitamin.  There are some calories and sugars to consider with these choices, but they do offer alternatives for those who don’t like to swallow pills.

Price and Overall Value – Because Centrum for Women Multivitamins are sold in a variety of retail outlets across the country, prices can vary some.  In general, the product costs roughly $12-$19 depending on where you purchase it.  Given the ingredients, their sources and overall concentration, this price is fair enough.

When compared to our Editors Choice Best Multivitamin for Women, Centrum does not stack up particularly well.  The big business model of manufacturing products, inventorying them, shipping them, storing them, and shipping them again and storing them a 3rd time until finally purchase by consumers, means your vitamins are not fresh.  If the vitamins have preservatives, you need to be careful about which ones are used as some can be harmful or concerning.

Choosing a Small Batch or Premium Vitamin manufacturer that focuses on the quality of the product will usually get you a superior vitamin.  To find the Best multivitamins for women checkout our comparison charts and read the reviews and reports published on our website.

Additional Information + Video

The single most common mistake among multivitamin consumers is the assumption that all vitamins are created equally.  Most consumers buy vitamins from their grocery store or local drug store.  While handy, you simply do not have the same supply of vitamins to compare.  Furthermore, you are almost guaranteed to purchase products with more preservatives and harmful ingredients.

Use the information contained on the Internet.  Use our reviews and reports, Even check out the Comparison Charts.  Do your homework to find the the Best Price on the Best Vitamins.  Don’t sacrifice quality if you can get it for the same price.