With so many thinning hair products on the market, Especially for Women, it can be very confusing as to which are really the ones to try. Cut to the chase! Find out our favorite 10 and discover which product can really help you with hair volume.

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Bosley Professional Strength for Women Reviews and Product Report

The name Bosley has been associated with thinning hair for many many years.  From transplants to laser combs
Bosley for Womenand high tech approaches they offer it all, including some topical hair products.  Bosley offers formulas for both men and women and both are quite similar.  While the Bosley name is well known, do not assume that this product is superior to others on the market because of the brand name.  Put each product to the test.  Do your research and use your intuition before spending any money.  We are going to take a closer look at the women’s formula for you and report all of our findings.


Bosley Professional Strength for Women Reviews

Bosley Professional Strength for Women is a 5 step System designed to stop the loss of hair and stimulate new hair growth.  The 5 products that it contains are as follows:

  1. Nourishing Shampoo
  2. Volumizing Conditioner
  3. Hair Regrowth Treatment
  4. Dietary Supplement
  5. Follicle Energizer

Because we can not include ingredients for each of these 5 products in this report without it becoming overwhelming.  We will offer product reviews and discuss the active ingredients in those products so that you can still make an educated decision without all the excess information.

Nourishing Shampoo

This sulfate free formula is designed to gently nourish hair and the scalp.  Removing toxins that can inhibit hair growth is the goal of this shampoo.  Using Saw Palmetto, Pentapeptides and Soy Amino Acids, this shampoo hopes to promote healthy follicles, stimulate the keratin protein production and fortify hair shafts.

If you are looking to get started on hair regrowth then each of these steps is critical to the process.

Volumizing Conditioner

This conditioner is designed to add some thickness to your hair so that it will appear more full.  Soy Amino Acids and Vegetable Protein are what does the heavy lifting in this product.  By thickening the shaft and follicle, users add volume to their hair, giving the appearance of a more full head of hair.

Hair Regrowth Treatment 

For their hair regrowth treatment, Bosley uses Minoxidil for women.  Minoxidil does have some research that supports the claims that it stimulates new hair growth.  You may have even tried other products that contain minoxidil.

Of course with minoxidil there are a host of other side effects to be aware of including:

  • Weight Gain of more than 5 lbs.
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Chest Pains of Discomfort
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Bloating
  • Flushness of Skin

Dietary Supplement

Like many of the hair and beauty supplements on the market this product contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs contains the essential elements to build protein, and promote stronger, healthier looking hair.  There is nothing ground breaking about this product, but supplementing these ingredients can only help the process.

Follicle Energizer

This product Contains Scalp Activators that may help raise follicle energy levels, whatever that means.  By using Pentapeptides, Bosley  helps stimulate the production of root-strengthening Keratin Protein.  Furthermore, adding apple stem cells extract has some publicity for healthy hair function.  Essentially it nourishes and energizes the the follicles.

Price and Buying

Bosley Professional Strength for Women comes only in a 6 month supply.  The cost for this is $399, up front.  For many consumers, that may be too costly upfront.  However, there are no other options buying it directly from Bosley.  You may be able to find resellers online, however that raises additional concern about the quality of the products etc.

Information Reported Online

There is a high amount of complaints published online about Bosley.  Most of them pertain to the billing charges or even Resellers of the products.  Complaints ranging from shipping expired products to getting limited results are out there.  You may want to take a closer look at those reviews and such before making an opinion.

In a Nut Shell

In todays day and age filled with internet reviews and customer complaints, every single company has some complaints.  In fact, finding one without some may be an indicator of something wrong.  With substantial sales volumes comes an increased chance of complaints.

We are experienced in looking at them and are able to sort through the nonsense.  Our impression is that Bosley is a reputable and reliable company.  The products, while not the best in the market, are among the top echelon.  They can be trusted and when used long enough, many consumers have reported satisfaction with the results.

Overall, there are better options out there, better value, better results, etc. But Bosley delivers a quality product that can be trusted if you are interested. If you’d like to see which products out performed Bosley, check out our comparison charts and consumer tools.