Our 10 Favorite African Mango Supplements

Trying to find the right African Mango Supplement? Take the time to do your homework and be sure to see our list of 10 we find our favorites

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Bio Thrive Labs African Mango Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Bio Thrive Labs is yet another product that only sells its product on Amazon.  At least they give you the effort of providing a website Bio Thrive Labs African Mango Reviews for your to learn a little bit more information about the company.  While the Bio Thrive Labs website provides you very limited information, it does give you the necessary information including contact information for consumers.

African Mango is 1 of 12 products offered by Bio Thrive, making this product part of a larger line of supplements.  The more products a diet pill company offers, the better.  There are many 1 product companies that over hype and sensationalize the benefits of their weight loss products.  It costs more money and takes more time to establish a fuller product line, making your investment more secure.  While all of Bio Thrive Labs products are geared towards weight loss and male performance in the gym or bedroom.

Bio Thrive Labs African Mango Reviews

Bio Thrive is a visible company in certain weight loss niches, however their brand is far from a household name. While good brand recognition is important to some consumers, it rarely plays any role in the overall effectiveness of the products.  In fact, most times the most effective products come from a  smaller sized company looking to make a great impact through results.  While only consumers will tell whether the product works well or not, we encourage consumers to do their homework on each and every product they are considering.

African Mango supplements are a dime a dozen.  There are thousands of them to choose from.  Finding the right one is not going to be easy and it will take some time to sift through all of the information.  Of course, you can always use our comparison charts and other consumer tools to help provide you a short cut, we strongly urge you to read over everything yourself and decide on your own.

Supplement Facts and Dosage 

Bio Thrive Labs African Mango Reviews have shown that each serving of this product contains 500mg of african mango.  This is about average concentration with most products on the market.  The serving size shows 1 capsules and each bottle contains 60 capsules, so it should last you 60 days.

Overall Impression

Our overall impression of Bio Thrive Labs is that they have created a decent product with average results.  As consumers, you can feel confident that the products will contain what they say they will.  While the results you achieve may not be the best available on the market, you shouldn’t be left feeling as though you were ripped off.

While the product is OK, there are still plenty of others that will outperform this product in many aspects relating to fat burning and weight loss.  If you have your heart set on this product, you can feel confident in your choice.  But if you are looking for super charged results, we recommend you continue your search by reading our other reviews.