Sick of the marketing hoopla? Cut straight to the 10 joint pain supplements our Staff Prefers, with our List of approved joint pain supplements.

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Summary and Report of  Beneflex Joint Supplement

Joint supplements aren’t just for people who have medical conditions, or those who are growing older. On the contrary, the best joint supplement products should be beneflex joint supplement reviewsseen as food supplements that practically everyone can use.

After all, joint health and care aren’t just for older people. People who have sedentary lives, or, conversely, those who have athletic pursuits, should also think about their joint health. In the case of people who have sedentary lifestyles, they need joint supplements to keep their joints healthy even if they do not get enough exercise to keep a reasonable state of flexibility. For athletes, it works the other way: they need the best joint supplement products they can get, since they have to maintain joint health even if they are extremely active with their physical activities.

Beneflex, to Keep on Flexing

Beneflex joint supplement reviews are keen to state that the product is designed as an effective alternative to joint supplements that concentrate on glucosamine and chondroitin. Beneflex also promises fast relief from joint discomfort, assurance of high-quality ingredients, improved joint flexibility, and is free of shellfish and gluten.

Rather than read more joint supplement reviews, here are the big facts about Beneflex Joint Support’s key ingredients.

UC-II Collagen

This is also known as undenatured Type-II collagen. UC-II collagen was originally based on chicken collagen from the birds’ sternums. This unique collagen type has been found to increase joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility in people with osteoarthritis. The way that it’s done is through influencing the autoimmune system and inflammatory processes, so that collagen in the joint areas can be rebuilt in a faster manner. It also breaks the cycle of autoimmune responses and inflammation that can cascade out of control and lead to more damage. Thankfully, UC-II collagen does not affect general autoimmune responses, so it is safe to use for those with medical conditions that can be affected by changes in the immune system

Apres Flex

This compound is probably unique in terms of joint supplements, as it is a patented extract derived from boswellia serrata. Although boswellia extracts have been known in the past to be conducive to joint health, the Apres Flex extract performs much better in treating arthritic joint conditions as compared to other joint food supplements. These significant improvements were measured in terms of minimized discomfort, decreased pain, and improved functional ability of the affected joints. In all joint supplement reviews, Beneflex Joint Support’s Apres Flex extract may be the best “second secret weapon” that the supplement could have.


Turmeric is known as the main component of curry. However, turmeric root also has a special meaning for joint care. The chemical ingredient known as curcumin is at the heart of turmeric’s usefulness in joint health. It turns out that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can lower runaway inflammation in injured joints. In this way, it prevents more damage from happening during inflammation. Turmeric is also known to influence genes and chemical processes that all appear to be beneficial to the body’s joints.

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Hyaluronic acid

Many joint supplement reviews have described hyaluronic acid’s job in preventing damage in the joints, since it is a cushion and a lubricant for all the joints in the body. It also promotes the maintenance and healing actions of the human body when it comes to the joints, possibly even helping in improving the joint’s health by allowing it to keep on replacing damages tissue, and keeping ahead of a person’s physical activities.

Inflammation – What it’s all About

Inflammation, as it affects joint health, is actually a defensive reaction of the body to certain injuries – in this case, joint injuries that may affect either the bone or the cartilage in the joints. While some joint supplements may address the repair and maintenance of the joints themselves, some food supplements, on the other hand, also address the fact that a runaway inflammation on a joint can cause more damage than good. Originally, inflammation causes helpful substances to leak out of the blood and straight into the surrounding tissues, these substances could fight infections, or accelerate cellular repair. However, if the inflammation goes on for too long, then the tissues suffer damage anyway. That’s why the best joint supplement products (like Beneflex) make sure that they focus not only on repairing joint damage, but also on controlling or minimizing inflammation.

Other Tips and Guidelines

When it comes to joint care and health, joint supplements are only part of the deal. One also has to make changes in his or her lifestyle, and some of these changes can be easy, while some can be near impossible – depending on the person’s current lifestyle.


It’s necessary for people to exercise, so that their joints can also get a proper workout, preventing them from being damaged because of lack of activity. However, it’s also important to come up with extensive stretching and limbering exercises, so that people won’t damage their joints and muscle groups because of sudden movements. It’s also important to set a series of activities that can “harden” the joints against damage – for example, brisk walks or jogs are important, if you want to keep the hip, knee and ankle joints all working perfectly.

Lose Weight

The more weight you have, the more stress you put on load-bearing joints, like your hip and knees. Knees seem to be particularly vulnerable, and many food supplements for joints are in fact aimed at making sure that knee damage can be minimized or even repaired (with the proper treatment and exercises). However, it’s not just your legs that can have issues. Your spine, too, can develop problems, with not only your bones and the interlocking spinal segments having issues, but also your muscle groups that help maintain your posture, which also affects weight distribution.


In general, if you eat balanced meals, and keep to a proper division between meat, vegetables, and fruits, then you should have no problem initially. However, what makes food a problem even when you have the right food is how much of it you eat, compared to what your lifestyle is. There’s no problem eating a lot, if you have a very active lifestyle as an athlete or outdoors person. But if you have a more sedentary life, then you probably have to cut down on your food intake to make sure that your joint health is also stable.

As you can see Beneflex contains some essential ingredients which many joint supplements contain as well.  The formula is not ground breaking, nor are the results.  If you are looking for real joint pain relief, keep looking.