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Aveeno Skin Tone Corrector Gets Mixed Reviews

Maintaining clear, fresh skin is not as easy as one may think. With external stressors such as pollutants, allergens, sun exposure, and stress as well as internal stressors aveeno skin tone improvement facial tonersuch as increased free radicals due to the natural aging process, keeping an even skin tone is next to impossible.  Thankfully, there are skincare companies that have successfully developed collections that target this specific skin concern. Introducing, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Tone Improvement Toner- a unique formulation that cleanses the skin further to reveal clear, blemish-free skin.

This Aveeno Skin Tone Improvement Facial Toner reviews will provide you with reasons as to why you should consider the use of a toning agent to achieve clear, even skin tone. In addition, it enumerates all the features and ingredients of this one-of-a-kind skincare product.

Why do you need a toner?

We all have heard that an ideal skin care is composed of three steps, namely cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Cleansing can be accomplished simply by using a facial cleanser that may come in the form of a soap bar, cream, or gel. Moisturizers are obviously skincare formulations that come in creamy, silkly form which are then lathered into the skin for increased hydration. A toner is essentially a gentler version of a facial astringent. Its main purposes is to restore the normal pH of the skin. Environmental factors, diet, and lifestyle all affect the normal pH of the skin, which may increase or decrease at different times. By enforcing pH balance with the use of a tone, the skin restores its radian look. It is also the perfect solution to erase dirt, dust, and foreign matter which may cause allergies to your face. Due to its astringent properties, it is also being used as a makeup remover. Any remnants of strong chemical ingredients from cleansing is efficiently removed by a toning product as well.

Aside from cleansing and restoring pH balance, a toner is also known to hydrate the skin. Those with oily skin will benefit from using a toner as such a solution removes excels oils, thus reducing the risk for breakouts and inflammation.  There are specialized toners enriched with unique ingredients to achieve a variety of purposes. For instance, an anti-aging toner will most often contain antioxidants to aid in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Consequently, acne skin toners most often contain salicylic acid which disinfects the skin and removes blemish-causing bacteria. In the case of uneven skin tone, manufacturers may add skin correcting ingredients to fade away dark spots, brown patches, scars, and similar forms of blemishes too.

Compare Aveeno to Top Rated Skin Tone Corrector Creams

Aveeno Positively Radiant Collection

The Positively Radiant Skincare Collection specifically exploits the powerful tone-evening effects of soy. For one, the Aveeno Skin Tone Improvement Toner is packed with Active Naturals Soy Complex which is clinically proven to brighten the skin in the most effective and fastest means possible.

The wonders of Soy were first discovered when works who handled soybean products in Japan manifested that their hands are significantly smoother and more even than the rest of the body.  Some factory workers are in their golden years, most exhibit wrinkles, deep creases, and fine lines on other parts of the body including the face, but have exceptionally smooth, tight, and even tone hands. This phenomenon truly inspired skincare company, Aveeno in formulating a skin tone correcting toner that mimic the same benefits for the face.

Intensive research shows that the proteins found in soybeans are responsible for preventing and fading out the discolorations of the skin. They then developed a technique by which these soybeans can be processed and packaged whilst maintaining the efficacy and potency of the formulation for optimum skin tone correcting benefits. Those with dull, uneven, and unhealthy-looking skin can result assured to get rich and brightening benefits from the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Tone Improvement Toner.

Aveeno Active Naturals Total Soy Complex skin care collection includes other products which can be used alongside the toner:

–          Daily moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 15

–          Tinted Moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 30

–          Intensive Night Cream

–          Brightening Cleanser

–          Daily cleansing pads

–          Makeup removing wipes

If you want to target uneven skin tone, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Collection simplifies treatment to achieve this goal.

Just like any other Aveeno skincare products, the Avenoon Skin Care Correcting Tone is gentle and safe for sensitive skin. It contains no alcohol, which means that your skin will not dry up fast, making it more susceptible to attack of blemishes, sun exposure, and breakouts leading to skin discolorations.

A toner should ideally be without any type of oil. This is very true among those with oily to combination skin types. Oils can clog the pores which may result in blemishes that can potentially lead to scar formation later on in life.

The Aveeno Skin Tone Correcting Toner is so safe that it has earned non-comedogenic status from trusted skin care experts and beauty specialists alike.

Based on Aveeno Skin Tone Improvement Facial Toner reviews, this product may be used as targeted dark spot corrector applied onto breakouts  or blemishes only, or it may also be applied all over the face to fix discolorations.

Within a few weeks, of use, those who have tried out Aveeno Skin Correcting Toner was able to eradicate uneven skin tone such as age spots, dark spots, and even stubborn acne scars. The skin was also well moisturized as the formulation contains powerful ingredients that increase hydration levels on all layers of the skin. This hydrating effect also increased the radiance and brightness of the skin tone.


–          Contains Total Soy Complex, a compound proven to smooth and fade away skin discolorations

–          Hygienic packaging. The simple and yet sensible tube packaging ensures that ingredients remain active for a long time.

–          Cheap price tag of Aveeno Skin Tone Correcting Toner makes it the best skincare product to try out. Although its price is quite reasonable, the quality of formulation is pretty similar to those of other expensive brands.


–          The results of even skin tone only came after a month of steady use. For those who do not have the patience of having to wait for months, this may not be the best skin tone correcting offering foe your needs.