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Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD Report and Findings

If what you are looking for are Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD reviews, you should know that you have come to the right place. This article that you are Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD Reviewsreading as of the moment is a review of the Syntol AMD from Arthur Andrew Medical, the company that was first established as the Arizona Pharma Group back in 1999. You can rest assure that this Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD review is comprise only of honest information and unbiased opinions.

Arthur Andrew Medical – Overview on the Manufacturing Company of the Syntol AMD Supplements

Before we proceed with the review of this nutritional supplementation, we find it necessary to educate you and our readers about the company that has developed and is currently manufacturing the product. And as mentioned above, this manufacturer that we are talking about is none other than Arthur Andrew Medical, which is the same as the Arizona Pharma Group.

The company’s current CEO, Justin Andrew Marsh, is the same person that has founded the company. It is quite surprising to learn that the CEO was formerly involved in microchip engineering and automation control. Previously, Arthur Andrew Medical specialized in raw material and enzyme importation. Since many of the pharmaceuticals of today are being designed to imitate enzymes, the company’s goal is to discover, develop, and manufacture new medicines and drugs through comprehensive enzyme research.

Claims Made by Arthur Andrew Medical Regarding its Syntol AMD Supplements

If you have already read other Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD reviews, you probably are very excited to purchase a bottle of your own after reading about all the positive effects the supplements bring. However, before you spend your hard-earned money on the nutritional supplements, you should first confirm the legitimacy of the reviews you have read. The main reason for this is because it is likely that your sources of information listed the manufacturer’s claims as the real benefits of the product.

Compare Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD with the Best Heart Health Supplements

This is the main reason as to why our own Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD review distinguishes the claims that the manufacturer has made from the benefits that we really found the product to have. In this portion of the review, we have listed the things that Arthur Andrew Medical has to say about the health supplements.

1.        Syntol AMD features a unique blend of prebiotics and non-competing probiotics that create an environment with extremely high levels of oxygen. This then results in the growth and development of yeast colonies being inhibited.

2.        This nutritional supplement also features an enzyme blend powerful enough to eliminate dead yeast, toxins, and bad bacteria present in the body.

3.        For most people, the use of this product is safe, seeing that it does not contain any known allergies, such as shellfish, tree nuts, gluten, soy, dairy, and wheat. It is also ideal for the consumption of vegans.

4.        The process of delivering nutrients is revolutionary, as it makes use of spore germination technology. This revolutionary method delivers probiotic spores instead of living bacteria.

5.       The probiotic bacteria that the Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD contains favorably changes the balance of the intestinal micro flora, which then results in the normalization of bacteria and yeast quantities present in the body. This then leads to much more optimal digestion and healthier immune functions.

6.        The Colony Forming Units (CFUs) that these nutritional supplements contain amount to 13.6 billion.

7.       The prebiotic contents of the product help in the stimulation of the activities and the growth of beneficial flora.

8.        It is also incorporated with VitaFiber, a form of certified, all-natural prebiotic fiber that stimulates probiotic growth .

Supplement Facts – What Goes into these Health Supplements

Now that you are more knowledgeable of the claims that Arthur Andrew Medical has made about the Syntol AMD, the next thing you need to learn is whether or not there is truth in them. This is why it is critical that you read Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD reviews like this one that contain information about the product’s nutritional facts.

Knowing exactly what you are delivering into your body is a must, seeing that you want to make certain you are giving it the right nutrients. In addition to this, you also want to ensure that the health supplements you are taking do not contain any ingredient that will just hurt you more rather than help improve your health.

So with this being said, we have dedicated this part of our unbiased Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD review to providing you with the product’s supplemental facts.

•        20 mg of Vitamin C, in the form of Ascorbyl Palmitate

•        600 mg of Isomalto-Oligosaccharide Prebiotic

•        Proprietary Blend Syntol AMD, which contains 13.6 billion CFUs and is comprised of:

o        B. Subtilis

o        L. Helvecticus

o        S. Boulardii

o        L. Acidophilus

o        L. Rhamnosus

o        L. Plantarum

o        L. Lactis

o        B. Bifidum

•        1,240 mg of Syntol Digestive Yeast Cleanse, which includes the following:

o        Cellulase

o        Hemicellulase

o        Protease

o        Serrapeptase

o        Amylase

o        Glucomylase

The only other ingredient that is used in the manufacturing of the Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD is cellulose, which is basically the encapsulation of the supplements. Aside from being free of the most common types of allergens, these nutritional supplements also do not have any preservative or artificial coloring.

Final Thoughts – Is the Syntol AMD a Health Supplement You Should Purchase?

After conducting the research and the tests on this product as well as taking into consideration other Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD reviews that we established to be unbiased, we can therefore conclude that it is a product you should consider investing time and money on. While it may not be considered as one of the most affordable health supplements in the market, you should know that it still worthy of your money, seeing that it can really do what the manufacturing company claims it can. The benefits that you will be able to enjoy with regular and proper use of the nutritional supplements easily outweigh the slightly high price (around $40.00) of the product.