Breaking: TODAY's Beauty Editor Releases 'Best Under Eye Bags Remover' for 2023

There may be no other category of beauty products more crowded and full of products that DO NOT WORK, than the Under Eye Bags Remover category.  Eye creams in general can be hit or miss for removing wrinkles around the eyes.  Eradicating those puffy, ugly under eye bags though, can be almost impossible.   It is like a fantasy or dream for many of my readers if you will.  Personally, I have long suffered from sagginess under my eyes, so I was especially excited for this issue.

I finally found one that erased my eye bags.  Discovering it was a lot of work.  I literally tried countless eye creams and gels, especially the ones recommended by the popular beauty magazines.   The sad truth was, most of them let me down.  It wasn't until I found this boutique brand of eye gel that my eyes were opened.  The possibilities of smooth, firm skin around my eyes, and a level of confidence in my looks that I haven't had in years.

Review Details:

Dermagist's Eye Gel is an Absolutely Superior Eye Gel, when it comes to 3 Primary Factors.

  • Drastically Reducing Under Eye Bags and Puffiness
  • Visibly Brightening Dark Under Eye Circles
  • Smoothing Wrinkles, Lines and Crows Feet


How does the Dermagist Eye Gel complete the 3  Elusive tasks above?  

It's science, pure and simple.  The ingredients do the talking for this eye gel that is literally sweeping the nation.   I break down each of the 3 primary factors people DEMAND in a good eye gel, and explain how the ingredients in the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel WORK to Satisfy them.

Most Common Reader Question:  Do they have a Special Offer for First Time Buyers?    Yes!  They do.   You get a Bottle FREE when you buy 1 at 20% Off.

Reducing Under Eye Bags:

The Cadillac of all ingredients in the world, when it comes to "draining" Puffy Under Eye Bags is an ingredient called Eyeliss®.   Eyeliss® is a peptide that penetrates deep into the skin under the eye, and begins to break down the fatty globules that often accumulate there.   Then, within a matter of days, the ingredient allows the Body's natural flushing process to eliminate the globules.   I know, it sounds crazy. However, Eyeliss® has CLINICAL proof that it actually works. 

Fading Dark Circles and Rings:

Another ingredient in the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel that is Critical to success is Haloxyl®.  Despite the mile-high cost of this ingredient, Dermagist includes it at the Optimal concentration, according to the clinical studies proving that it works.   How it works is this:  First, we need to understand exactly why dark circles form, and what they consist of.  A dark circle is really nothing more than leaked blood particles that have seeped out from weak capillary walls that accumulate in the areas around the eye.  SO, Haloxyl® does 2 fantastic things.   First, it breaks up the loose particles so that they can be flushed away by the body naturally, thus dramatically fading the dark circles fast.  THEN, in order to help ensure that the darkness doesn't come back in the future, it strengthens the capillary walls, so that less blood particles will leak out in the future.   It's a truly magical ingredient when it comes to reducing or even eliminating dark circles entirely.

Reducing Deep Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Crow's Feet:

There are two ground breaking ingredients in the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel that wipe wrinkles from your face.  The first is the famous copper peptide, Matrixyl®. Clinically Proven, this wondrous ingredient works at the DNA level to trick your skin into producing Collagen and Elastin again, like it did when you were young.  When Collagen and Elastin stop being produced (this happens as we age), the skin loses its plumpness, elasticity, and firmness.    Thus, wrinkles start to rear their ugly head.   With Matrixyl®, however, we can turn back the clock and get our skin to actually HEAL the wrinkles it is currently suffering from.

The OTHER ingredient in this Eye Gel is Plant Based Stem Cells - These amazing cells are harvested from Apples found in Switzerland.  They essentially act like a turbo boost to the effectiveness of the peptide ingredients.  Adopting the properties of your skin cells, these cells aid in the production of collagen and elastin and thicken the dermal matrix.  The Result is some seriously effective support for Aging Eyes.

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As if the ingredients outlined above were not Enough...

There is more to this Formula.    Simply combining all the ingredients into a gel is not enough.   The ingredients have to be in Exact proportion to each other, in order to get a Synergistic effect.   This means that each of the ingredients actually work BETTER when combined with the others, in the perfect amount. The scientists at Dermagist have cracked the code in this regard, and have put together a Formula so powerful and effective, that it won our Beauty Editor's Choice for Top Eye Cream on the Market.

What if it doesn't work for me?

I was worried about that too. After all, I have tried a bunch of so called "Eye Bag Removers" that didn't do anything, and cost a lot of money. Dermagist lets you try the Eye Gel out for a month, and if you don't like it, you can return it for a refund. For purposes of this article (I love the product) I asked to return it, and it was pretty easy.  The rep actually waived me having to even send it back, and just did the refund over the phone.

Ready to Learn More?

Visit the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Page to learn more about this fantastic Eye Gel and all the ingredients and special offers.

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What did Customers Have to Say?

For ME, I know I love this product and how it has absolutely eradicated my under eye bags.   But, I wanted to search around and find some reviews left by other customers.    I didn't see a single negative review, and I found quite a few that were very positive

Here are some of them:

by Robert on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

Deep improvement on the puffy bags I have. These things have haunted me forever, and they're down about 50% within the first week of use. So far my crows feet are a little better too... but my main reason for using the product, which was the bags, has been Totally satisfied. I will use this product forever now.

by Jamielle on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

I was skeptical but hopeful. This is not a quick fix: it takes time for the Eye Revolution Gel to work. But if you use it as instructed, it completely works! I have tried every expensive and inexpensive product under the sun to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes, and this is the ONLY PRODUCT that worked!

by Ursula on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

Worth the money. It works.

by Kathy Hilton on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

First of all, I must say the international delivery service is excellent. To my surprise, I am able to receive my orders in only 5 calendar days (include Sat & Sun in between). The delivery is fast and safe. Secondly, for the eye gel product, I can see noticeable improvement in my swollen eye bags after a few days of application those not yet diminished at all. Hope to see more improvements with totally disappearance of any droppings of eye bags …the most troublesome problem occurred in eye areas.

by Mitch V on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

Don't expect a miracle immediate results. It took about 1 week until I noticed a difference. At first I thought it was just my mind telling me there was a difference to justify spending the $$ on this, but truth is, there is actually a difference. Being a 49 year old male, when I first wake up, I have puffy, baggy eyes with noticeable wrinkles and crows feet. I apply the product to both eyes. After it dries I then notice the disappearance of the wrinkles, crows feet and puffiness. Again, it doesn't remove them so you look like you are 25 again, but it does decrease them so they are not has hard looking. I will continue to use the product because I know there is no miracle product, but when I am getting results, then I feel like I've invested in a good product.

by Deborah Piles on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

Really good quality. Does not clog pores. You feel it working right away. It gives my no problem with putting on my other products after like makeup or my daily sunblock. Love this.

by Shelly on Dermagist Skin Care Products Website

This is my total favorite now. I stopped using all the eye gels that used to clutter up my whole vanity. Literally this is all I need now. My under eye bags are about 80% completely GONE.  I just couldn't be happier.