The Top 5 Septic System Treatment Comparison Chart 2020

There are many septic tank treatments on the market.   Often times, and emergency situation with your septic system is the cause for a “buy something fast” shopping experience for a homeowner.  We understand the urgency, and the need for finding the right product for your situation, as well as your budget.  The following chart can be used as a short-cut to figuring out what is right for you.

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Here are the Top 5 Septic Products Compared

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How to Fix Your Septic System with a Treatment Like These:

A septic tank treatment can assist you in maintaining your house's septic tank clean. Additionally it is a wonderful way to decrease the amount of times you'll have to pump the tank out. Septic tank treatment methods operate by introducing bacteria into your house's septic tank which dissolves waste products and removes bad smells that could detract from the septic tank system. Microbial bacteria in your septic tank are a healthful kind of bacteria that breaks down various kinds of waste and converts them into water and carbon dioxide. This easy how-to guide will demonstrate how you can use a septic tank treatment efficiently so as to maintain your home's septic system in good shape.

Step 1 - Pick a Septic Tank Treatment
there are lots of types of septic tank treatment systems on the market. But you should avoid treatments using harmful chemicals or just act as deodorizers to your septic tank system. Instead, select a septic tank treatment that's constructed from all-organic substance and comprises all-natural active enzymes and bacteria which are necessary to convert waste into water and carbon dioxide. If you are unsure of which brand to choose, get online and reviews some evaluations and review websites which have remarks about septic tank treatments. If you use a major search engine, you'll realize that there are lots of sites where you are able to find advice and opinions on the topic.

Step 2 - Read Instructions Carefully
Before you apply the septic tank treatment, be certain you read the directions on the package very carefully. Most of all, you'll need to use the appropriate quantity of the treatment on your system to get the best outcomes and clean and convert the maximum amount of waste product.

Step 3 - Clean and Rinse Toilet Thoroughly
Most septic tank treatment products are used simply by pouring them in the toilet. But before you apply the treatment on your toilet bowl, you need to be certain the toilet bowl is clean and free of any chemicals that may interact with the active enzymes and bacteria in therapy mix. Thus, use only warm water and a brush to clean the bathroom, and don't use any decreases or bleach prior to using the treatment. Make certain you wash the toilet bowl completely.

Measure 4 - Pour Septic Tank Treatment into Toilet Bowl
Following the instructions that have the septic tank treatment and pour the right quantity of treatment in your toilet bowl. You will see that the active enzymes and bacteria start to bubble and fizz almost instantly on your toilet bowl. At this time, you should simply shut the toilet bowl cover and walk away so the treatment can do its job.

Step 5 - Wait Suggested Amount of Time
On the instructions that have the septic tank treatment, you'll be instructed on how long you should wait before using the bathroom to which the treatment was added. Oftentimes, the treatment should set in the bathroom and work its way to your septic tank for a couple hours. So, it's usually a great idea to pour the treatment from the toilet bowl before going to bed and then flush the toilet in the morning.

Step 6 - Perform Follow Up Treatments
Follow the instructions and perform follow up treatments as necessary. Typically, you will just need to carry out a septic take treatment once per month.