Centrum Kids Multivitamin

Centrum Kids Multivitamin


Quality Ingredients


Overall Freshness


Complete Formula


Yummy Flavor



  • Available at Stores
  • Moderate Pricing


  • Synthetic Nutrients
  • Lack of Freshness

Centrum Kids Multivitamin Reviews and Consumer Product Report

centrum_kidsQuality Ingredients – Your child’s physical and mental development is hanging in the balance.  Does your child meet their daily nutritional requirements each and every day?  If not, it is time to get serious about finding a multivitamin that provides them the nutrients they need to develop properly.

When it comes to multivitamins, quality comes from the sources of the nutrients.  Centrum Kids, for example, uses Synthetic Nutrients manufactured in a lab.  Doctors, however, recommend that we get as many of our nutrients as possible from whole food or organic sources.  Problem is, whole foods vitamins can be expensive, at least the ones you purchase in stores.

But if you buy direct from the manufacturer, you can find prices that are affordable and in some instances even lower than that of Centrum Kids.  Take some time to shop around before you commit to a big name brand.

[stextbox id=”warning”]Bottom Line:  We feel there are superior multivitamins on the market.  Go take a look at the TOP RATED multivitamin in this category.[/stextbox]

Complete Formula – Centrum has one of the more complete multivitamin formulas on thecentrum_kids1 market.  While not the Most complete formula on the market, it does contain more than the other big name brands.  12 Essential Nutrients can be found in this formula and trusted to provide your kids what they need to develop properly.  Finding the most complete formula is necessary for proper development in your children.

Price and Overall Value – Centrum Kids is available in most major stores nationwide.  The prices vary from location to location, but in all instances they are moderate.  $14-$20 per bottle will not break the bank, but considering the freshness and synthetic nutrients is not exactly a great deal.  We recommend that you take some time to seek out a better quality vitamin and then find one that you can afford.  By starting with quality and working your way back in budget, you will be satisfied that your children are getting the nutrients they need, at a price you can afford.

Additional Information + Shopping Tips

Centrum_flavorburstCentrum Kids is a chewable vitamin, not a gummy.  For some kids, that is just enough to make vitamin time into a hassle.  The vitamins taste fine, but children can be picky with can make the entire process less enjoyable.  Meal time can be hard enough, make sure you know whether or not your kids will eat chewable vitamins, they may prefer gummies.

We recommend you take all of these factors into consideration when you are deciding on a multivitamin for your kids.  We have comparison charts and consumer product reports of 5 brands that we publish on our website, but feel free to continue your search elsewhere.  The important thing to remember is to gather information that helps you find the best vitamin at the best price.