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Zion Health Ageless Clay Cream Reviews Unveil Little Known Face Cream

Hello, fellow beauty fans! Today I am writing a review on the Zion Health Ageless Clay Cream reviews. This is going to be a long review because there are a lot of things I zion health ageless clay cream imagewant to talk about regarding this cream. The first thing you are going to notice about this cream is its use of clay. In all of my years using facial creams and lotions, I’ve never come across one that has clay in it. That in itself is one of the interesting thing’s I’ll be sharing with you today.

So what is the benefit of using clay in a facial cream? Exactly what I asked myself when someone recommended this cream to me. After doing a bit of research, I can answer that question so that you can receive a thorough review of the product.

Okay, so the Zion Health Ageless Clay Cream uses clay as one of its main ingredients, but the active ingredient is actually an amino acid known as Hexapeptide-3. The clay is mostly used to provide texture and serve as a filling agent. The purpose of the cream is to fade expression lines and it does so by providing deep moisture and forming an extra protection layer over the skin.

I’m a big health fan, and as such I also recognize my weakness toward words that imply anything natural, such as “clay”. I will say that this was a huge source of curiosity for me so when my friend mentioned it, I thought that I could at least try it out. And boy am I glad that I did!

I’m not young anymore and my skin can sometimes reflect my age. I say “sometimes”, because I am fully aware that different levels of moisture, lack of sleep, and dehydration, can contribute to the daily look of my skin. As far as permanent changes go, my skin definitely has a few wrinkles, some discoloration, and some dryness- especially around my mouth and cheeks. Sometimes, I’ll get a little patch of dry skin on my eyelid, so dryness is definitely my greatest issue. As I’ve aged, my skin has become increasingly dry and I’ve noticed that something as simple as a really effective moisturizer can make a huge difference. Clay is normally drying (which is why it is used in facial masks) and pulls out impurities from your skin, so while I was all for the latter effect, I was a bit skeptical about using a moisturizer with clay in it.

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Although hesitant at first, I must say that the clay in the moisturizer is not drying at all- quite the opposite! After the first application, I noticed a feeling of deep moisture. Now I know what I’ll say next won’t go over well with some people, but we each have our different issues. The moisturizer actually sits on your skin a bit, so you’ll definitely feel it on your face. I think that the clay causes this effect and the purpose is to reinforce that protective skin barrier. Perhaps if you’re a bit younger, you want to look for something with absorption, but for my age group (45- 55), moisturizers that stay on your face longer can be great. The way the cream stays on your face creates a great surface for applying makeup and fades your wrinkles almost completely (I’m not talking about deep wrinkles, that would be impossible).

As far as the effect this anti-aging serum has had on my complexion, I’m very impressed. When I was young, I was too carefree and enjoyed a lot of time in the sun. This has made my skin quite susceptible to sun-spots and discoloration and if I go one day without sunscreen, I can almost guarantee a new outburst of freckles. The Zion Health Cream has really made a difference in the overall tone of my skin and I also attribute the clarifying effects of the cream to the clay it contains. I have two spots on my face that have been pretty dark and noticeable, but lately, I hardly see them and they can be completely covered with concealer whereas before, they still managed to show through.

Other than improving the look of my crow’s feet, fading my fine lines, clarifying the spots on my face, and smoothing out my complexion, I’ve also noticed an increased firmness. As you age, you’ll notice a subtle, but very real sagging of the skin. Everything will start to look a bit droopy and your skin may look deflated or puffy. This cream immediately gives your skin a lift. If you’ve ever used a clay mask, you’ve also felt your skin tighten right before your eyes. I think that clay is used in this cream exactly for this reason.

The cream is also very durable and excellent value for the quality. One four-ounce jar will last you about six months and will cost you a little less than $10 per ounce. You only need very little product to see results, perhaps a small pea-sized amount right after you cleanse your skin, whether it be immediately after a shower or your morning face-splash.

So overall, I rate this cream an excellent product. At my age and considering the minimal effort I want to invest in beauty, this is a great option. I love that I only need a very small amount of product and I’m good to go. Also, it functions as various products in one. While I still use makeup, I only do so to emphasize what’s there. Since this cream provides a nice lift and moisturizes my skin, I don’t really need to use makeup and if I forget one day, I don’t feel self-conscious.