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Let’s take a look at the Zenmed AlphaBeta Hydroxy Acid Complex Review.

ALPHABETA1Zenmed AlphaBeta Hydroxy Acid Complex is intended to be used as a toner. This means that you apply it on a freshly cleansed face.

The makers of this product, claim to help unblock and minimize pores, to clear up post acne discoloration, to balance patchy combination skin and to gradually remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.


The main difference between alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid is their lipid (oil) solubility. Alpha hydroxy acids are water soluble only, while beta hydroxy acid is lipid (oil) soluble. This means that beta hydroxy acid is able to penetrate into the pore which contains sebum and exfoliate the dead skin cells that are built up inside the pore. Because of this difference in properties, beta hydroxy acid is better used on acne prone skin. Alpha hydroxy acids are better used on thickened, sun-damaged skin where breakouts are not a problem.

It is made with Witch Hazel Distillate. This ingredient is known to dry and tighten skin tissues. It decreases inflammation and acts as an anti-septic. It is also an antioxidant and it works well on drying out pimples. It has shown to be irritating on sensitive skin types.

It also contains Glycolic Acid, this ingredient helps to exfoliate top layers of the skin and unclogs pores. This gentle exfoliation allows other ingredients to be absorbed into the skin with maximum efficiency.

It is made with Salicylic acid. This ingredients is know to help acne prone skin. It acts as a gentle exfoliator that contains anti-inflammatory benefits. Because of the exfoliation of the top layers of skin cells, it can improve the texture and color of the skin. This skin cell removal will help get rid of dull looking skin and uneven skin tone. Salicylic acid tends to dry out the skin and makes it peel.

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This product says it’s alcohol free and while it does in fact does not contain it, in the Zenmed AlphaBeta Hydroxy Acid Complex Review, we researched that Witch Hazel Distillate when distilled, is sometimes mixed with alcohol and the makers of this product do not specify on this. Propylene Glycol used as a preservative in the making of this product, is an organic alcohol made from the fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates. both these ingredients tend to react like alcohol does on the skin, causing dryness and irritation.

Zenmed AlphaBeta Hydroxy Acid Complex Review is a direct source of information. As you learn about the ingredients found in this product, you can make a more informed decision for when you decide what product to get.ALPHABETA2

This product has a very strong smell. It smells like alcohol and as you rub it in, the smell does not seem to go away. It is absorbed into the skin quickly and it feels smooth and a bit oily which is unusual for a toner. I leaves the skin feeling fresh but dry, the oily film it has is all gone by the time it’s all absorbed.

AHA/BHA Hydroxy acid complex is $19.95. You can purchase it online at www.zenmed.com, they offer live chat in their website too. Or you can call (888)749-4998 and speak to one of their representatives.