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Summary and Report on Wunderlift

One of the most common factors that a lot of men and women concerned about their appearance look for in anti-aging products is the speed of the results. They often wunderlift reviewssearch for products that have the terms ‘fast’, ‘quick’, or ‘instant’ in their descriptions. This is why you will find a product by the name of WunderLift. According to its label, it is a 60-second wrinkle reducer.  Now, with this kind of description, you either will be very interested in it or would simply disregard it. Before you do any of these though, it is wise that you take the time to read WunderLift reviews to get to know the anti-wrinkle cream better.

A Quick Overview on the Company behind this Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The name of the company that has developed this wrinkle reducer is Wunder2. It is known for its specifically formulated products that, according to the company, are designed to meet not only the needs of its users, but also improve the overall health of their skin. Aside from the WunderLift 60-Second Wrinkle Reducer, the company also has a variety of other cosmetic products, such as the Wunderextensions Lash Extension and Volumizing Mascara, as well as the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel.

The Claims Made by the Manufacturer about this Product

So what are the things that make this Wunder2 creation special? Wunder2 has a lot to say about this product of theirs; even claiming that it is definitely one of the top anti-wrinkle products in the market. According to this skin care and cosmetic product manufacturing company, the Wunderlift anti-wrinkle cream is:

1.        This wrinkle reducer instantly firms, evens out, and lifts the surface of the skin once it comes into contact with the skin

2.        It eliminates the appearance of many different signs of aging, such as lines, puffiness, under-eye circles, and of course, as the name itself suggests, wrinkles

3.        It is a breakthrough product that makes use of the company’s patented Flex-Tensor Technology, a system that incorporates color correctors with a firming matrix

4.        The Flex-Tensor Technology has the power to instantly get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles

5.        It has a very long-lasting effect – users can enjoy the benefits up to eight hours

6.        It also has the ability to prevent whitening and cracking, thanks to its set of color correctors as well as moisturizers

7.        Last, but not the least, is the product’s filling and plumping effects on the skin, benefits that are brought about by the exclusive Micro-Filler Technology

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What Goes into Every Package of this Particular Anti-Aging Cream?

When looking for WunderLift reviews, it is a must that those you will read will give you details on what the ingredients of the product is. Knowing what goes into every container of this wrinkle reducer will help you determine if it is really of good value or if it will just make you waste your precious time and effort. Since we would like to give you a WunderLift review that is an in-depth as possible, we decided to include a brief overview of two of the key ingredients that this anti-wrinkle cream is said to contain.

•        Glycerin – This ingredient is very commonly used in the skin care and cosmetic industry because of its tried and tested beneficial effects on the skin. First and foremost, this naturally cooling liquid soothes the skin, especially sun damaged and pimple-affected skin. In addition, it also comes with great anti-aging, skin smoothening, and hydrating properties.

•        Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid – Another key ingredient of the WunderLift 60-Second Wrinkle Reducer is the hydrolysed hyaluronic acid. The main reason for its use in this anti-wrinkle cream is because of its moisturizing effects. It quickly penetrates the skin, which makes it more efficient in nourishing and bringing back proper hydration. And since this ingredient helps increase the skin’s elasticity, it has the ability to prevent sagginess.

Recommended Usage and Application

Anti-aging products are often used on specific areas. This means that if you have chosen an anti-wrinkle cream, you are probably just going to have to use it on your forehead. However, the WunderLift 60-Second Wrinkle Reducer is said to be effective in almost any part that is affected by these aging signs. Its ease of use and application are actually two things that we find good about this product.

All you would have to do is to pick the area that is affected by the wrinkles. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly so that any trace of dirt and oil will be removed. Pump out a little bit of the product onto a fingertip and apply it on the cleaned area. Use sweeping motions to evenly coat the areas that need to be corrected. While waiting for wrinkle reducer to dry out (takes about 60 seconds), you should avoid making any kind of facial expression. Expect a slight tightening feeling.

Rundown of the Pros and Cons of this Product

Before giving our final Wunderlift review say, let us have a rundown of the good and the bad that we found this product to have.


o        Contains good amounts of glycerine and hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, two ingredients that have been found to be effective in solving various skin problems

o        The number of positive reviews about it saying that many users find it to be one of the top anti-wrinkle products in the market is considerable

o        The pump top of the packaging is hygienic


o        The color of the serum is ‘skin tone’, which makes it a bit of a hassle especially for those who have fair to very fair skin

o        Is quite on the expensive side, as it is being offered for more than $50.00

Our Final Verdict

So do we consider the WunderLift 60-Second Wrinkle Reducer as one of the best anti-wrinkle products? The answer is not really. It does well on some aspects though, but as for the 60-second claim of reducing wrinkles, we believe that it is a little too far fetched. Yes, there are many WunderLift reviews claiming that this is a miracle product, but it is definitely not for everyone.