Inside Report of the 10 PREFERRED Menopause supplements of our staff, designed to ease the discomfort and symptoms of menopause. Don't waste time...just buy the ones we approve.

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Womens Phase II Menopause Support Product Summary 

When women are already in peri-menopause or are in menopause, it’s important to know that the most difficult thing will be to get their biochemical balance back, as Womens Phase II Menopause Support Reviewstheir estrogen levels will fluctuate, and with it, disrupt many things, from their health, to their weight, to their emotional stability.

That’s the reason why menopause supplements were created. These supplements for women are made of herbal remedies from all over the world, standardized and combined with each other for magnified effects.

The issue with Hormone Therapy

Now, many people must be thinking: why rely on non-hormone therapy if hormone therapy is a viable option. The issue there is that with the unstable estrogen levels, it’s possible that sometimes, the person will have too much estrogen in their body, as the estrogen they are taking and their own body’s production may hit a peak. Unfortunately, when this happens, it also means that health-related medical conditions due to having an overabundance of estrogen can happen, and this can include a higher risk for cancer.

This is the reason why it’s important to consider non-hormonal menopause supplements first.

Womens Phase II Menopause Support Reviews

This is currently one of Vitanica’s most successful products, and it’s because this is a purely herbal solution to alleviating the signs of menopause. Vitanica Women’s Phase II Menopause Support reviews are practically aglow with how effective this menopause support supplement is.

Here are some of the ingredients that make this one of the best supplements for women.

Dong Quai root – This traditional Chinese remedy for menopause signs addresses the common signs of menopause, such as mood swings and hot flashes. It also takes care of discreet medical concerns for women who are in menopause. This is done by restoring the hormonal balance in the body.

Burdock root – this herbal extract is known as a blood purifier, and is from traditional Chinese medicine. Although it is supposed to help “weakness in the blood,” what it actually does is to keep the hormonal and biochemical balance in the blood within acceptable parameters.

Wild Yam – The extract from this plant helps in peri-menopausal and menopausal hormone balance. This is another example of how phytoestrogens help in keeping women’s bodies balanced through substitution of estrogen.

Licorice – Long known as a children’s treat, it turns out that licorice can also help women in menopause. Licorice is known to minimize hot flashes and night sweats, and there is even evidence that it can also prevent bone loss, which could lead to osteoporosis.

Motherwort – Although this herbal remedy is more known for easing childbirth and frazzled nerves, once women are in menopause, motherwort can also minimize hot flashes, while at the same time calming down a woman’s disposition, which can go a long way in preventing her from going into a meltdown induced by a hormone-influenced mood swing.

Compare Womans Phase II Menopause Support with the Best Menopause Supplements

Combinations are the Key

Most people are probably wondering why so many of the ingredients seem to do the same thing. Well, the answer there is that not all herbal remedies work the same way, or with the same effectivity for all women. Even if their production and extraction processes are standardized, these ingredients will affect different people in different ways. That is why menopause supplements like Women’s Phase II have different herbal remedies that do the same thing. If one ingredient proves to be ineffective for a certain woman, at least another two should be effective in her case.

In addition, even though many of these herbal ingredients use phytoestrogen molecules as the basis for their effectivity, not all molecules are the same, and they may affect other biochemical or metabolic processes differently. This is the reason why Women’s Phase II Menopause Support by Vitanica is so effective, as it has a wide array of ingredients, all of which have different mechanics for achieving the same goal, which is to minimize the signs of menopause in women.

Other Guidelines for Menopause

Even if you are already using Vitanica Women’s Phase II Menopause Support, reviews often forget that you also have to change or modify your lifestyle once you are in peri-menopause or are already in menopause.

Dosage – When using supplements for women, you should always be aware that there is a possibility that you may be sensitive to one ingredient or the other. While it is possible to not feel it if the ingredient is in low amounts, if you do try mega-dosing yourself, you may suddenly experience unpleasant side effects. Do start with the lowest recommended dosage, and work your way up from there, once you think you are feeling some ill effects, step back to the last dose you were comfortable with.

Food control – As you well know, even if you’ve not changed your diet, it’s possible that once you are in peri-menopause or menopause that you will experience weight gain. This is perfectly normal, as the unstable hormonal balance in your body will also wreak havoc with your digestion and absorption of certain nutrients, which can lead to more fat or sugars being stored in your body. Do talk with your doctor on how you can avoid this. It’s possible that you will have to change some of your diet to help you have more nutrient building blocks for estrogen.

Keep on moving – Exercise is always your good friend, as it not only helps you keep your muscles toned, it also helps your body decide where certain nutrients will go – including estrogen or its analogues. Keeping an active lifestyle will probably keep your mood swings and hot flashes to a minimum in themselves, and your daily dose of Women’s Phase II should help you minimize hot flashes and mood swings even more, in this case.

Laugh things off – Having a positive outlook is important in making sure your body is functioning as best as it can. If you have many problems in your head, your mental distress will also translate to physical disruptions of your digestive system aside from unbalanced biochemical levels.