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Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream Reviews Rate Anti Aging Product

I recently started using a great moisturizer that I want to write a review about. Although it is marketed sort of as an anti-aging product, this is really just a great vivite night renewal facial cream imagemoisturizer. That doesn’t mean that it is a useless product- after all, moisturizing your skin is the best way to preserve its youth.  I come from a history of severe acne and after going on Accutane for half a year and then doing another four month trial a year after that, my skin was left depleted of moisture and in my opinion, greatly aged because of this. It’s like I traded one skin problem for another. Just to clarify for those unfamiliar with the extreme, anti-acne product, it is basically a medication that zaps your skin of every scrap of skin oil so that your pores can’t get clogged and you can’t form acne. During the trial of Accutane, severely chapped lips, nose-bleeds, and dry eyes are common side effects because the dryness of your skin becomes too intense. You constantly have to layer your lips with Vaseline, soak your eyes with eye drops, and drench your skin in jojoba oil. Rewind to the present and I am acne-free. The con is that although my skin was supposed to go back to normal oil production, it really never achieved normalcy again.

I’ve been using jojoba oil to moisturize my skin since getting off of Accutane because it’s a natural oil that is chemically similar to the oil that our skin produces naturally. Since my skin doesn’t produce oil normally anymore, I am basically using jojoba oil to replace it. Jojoba oil works great, but it just gets me to a normal level and my skin is so used to it that it just keeps me okay, but not great. So I decided to add something to my moisturizing routine and found Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream.

Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream Reviews Compared with Best Wrinkle Creams

I am still using jojoba oil, but on top of it I am applying the Vivite Night Cream. It works like this: Every night after I shower, I apply jojoba oil to my face which my skin immediately absorbs (only about four drops). Then, I apply the night cream all over. The Vivite night cream is very light and it absorbs into my skin even after I’ve applied jojoba oil. It doesn’t feel heavy, but it still makes my skin feel drenched in moisture. My skin has never felt heavy with moisture and at first this was a bit uncomfortable, but I got used to it in about a week. Plus once I put my head on the pillow, I really wasn’t aware of how my skin felt.

In the morning, I use about a teaspoon of jojoba oil to clean my face as water is too drying and as I said before, I’ve struggled with dryness for some years now. After wiping off the jojoba oil, my skin feels soft, moisturized, and very supple. I found that for the first week using the cream, I didn’t have to reapply jojoba oil as much as I used to throughout the day and now I hardly even think about my skin being dry.

My total impression of the night cream has been great. During the first week, my skin actually felt normal and I no longer thought of it as being on life support. That’s basically what I’ve been doing with my skin for years- just keeping it at a normal level. Other than the dryness, I also had some hyperpigmentation, and dark circles under my eyes. I’ve noticed a vast improvement in the discoloration of my face- I think the cream has some sort of clarifying effect because the overall tone of my face looks significantly more even. The texture of my face is also pretty smooth and the dark circles I had are now completely invisible with a bit of concealer (before not even this made a difference).

I’ve now used this night cream for about four months and I am so glad that I decided to add something to my routine. For many years, I was actually afraid of any moisture because I associated it with oil and acne. The night cream option is very effective for me and I don’t even feel the need to buy a day cream.

As far as recommending the product goes, I definitely found it extremely useful and effective, so those are enough reasons to recommend it. However, I don’t think that it is an anti-aging cream necessarily and I bought it primarily because it is acne-prone friendly and very moisturizing. Also, I am using it in addition to jojoba oil and I don’t know if this has any influence on the overall effect.

I hope this review was helpful to you and although I know it is very specific, it is one heck of a moisturizer, so if you are suffering with overly dry skin for whatever reason (maybe you just finished a trial of Accutane like myself) this is definitely the cream for you. I am very satisfied with my purchase and it is great quality too. I have used this cream for four months, and I still have more than I’ve used left. I paid about $40 for my jar of cream and as someone who is used to using an $8 oil that literally lasts me one year, I found it a bit expensive, however the quality and endurance have convinced me that I made a good purchase. Totally worth what I’ve gotten out of it. I am completely satisfied, I hope someone else finds it useful!