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Vitamatic Womens Multivitamin Named Industry Best in Quality and Freshness

womens_multivitamin_bottleChances are that the Vitamatic Brand is not as familiar to you as some of the other multivitamin brands.  Vitamatic sells its products exclusively on the internet delivers the Freshest Vitamins direct to consumers.  Vitamatic believes that by focusing on the quality of the ingredients, and by by-passing the storage and overhead required for selling in retail stores nationwide, that they can deliver a Superior Quality Vitamin, at the Same Price as major retail brands.  The ingredients are sourced from whole foods and organic sources, which consumers love. In the past, these superior ingredients cost too much for most families to afford.  Vitamatic has created a way for consumers to get the very best vitamins, without hurting their budget.  Reasons like this are why we have selected Vitamatic as our Editors Choice for Best Womens Multivitamin.

Vitamatic Womens Multivitamin Reviews

If you are researching multivitamins, you probably realize that there is some similarity between the brands on the market.  The real differences can be identified, but you need to measure each product against specific criteria.  Doing so, allows you to better differentiate between multivitamin and make the best choice for you and your family.  We examine the Quality of Ingredients and the Sources from which those ingredients are harvested.  We focus on the Freshness of the vitamins, has it been sitting on shelves for 8 months?  Is the Formula Complete? Are there any missing ingredients that you should be taking daily?  Some multivitamins offer Enhanced Support or Additional value in their formulas.  And lastly, we consider the Price and Overall Value of the vitamins.  As we compiled our homework, we realized that Vitamatic had Clearly Established itself as the Premier Multivitamin for Women.

vitamatic womens multivitamin ingredient listQuality Ingredients – Because most multivitamins for women contain similar ingredients, looking at the supplement facts and the label are just not enough.  Essential nutrients and minerals are what they are, and most multivitamins contain them.  The question comes in when you are determining where the ingredients come from. Vitamatic sources its ingredients from whole foods and organic sources, which make this vitamin super beneficial to your overall health and wellness.  Add to that, the fact that these vitamins are shipped Fresh, Direct to the Consumer and you have the Freshest, Most Superior Multivitamin ingredients that money can buy.

Vitamatic is able to offer these High End vitamins at a lower price than Big Store Brands because of their business
model.  Automatic shipments each month to consumers, allow the manufacturer to accurately predict inventory and maintain a high level of standards.  Vitamins like this would usually sell for roughly $49.99 in retail stores, but you can purchase these vitamins for Only $9.99 directly from Vitamatic.

In our opinion, Vitamatic is the Best Womens Multivitamin on the Market Today!  If you are like most women, the quality of the ingredients is important for you and your family.  Budget concerns may limit you, but you want the best for you and your loved ones.  Vitamatic has delivered a way for you to get the best of both worlds.

 Completeness of Formula – Vitamatic delivers 21 Essential Nutrients (both vitamins and minerals) that are proven to optimize the health and well being of women under the age of 50.  This once a day formula meets the concentration and daily value requirements you need to look and feel your best.  Too many women fall victim to the hectic schedule of taking care of everyone else before themselves.  Their diet can suffer and lack sufficient vitamins and minerals.  Make sure you provide your body, mind and family the nutrients it needs to function at a high level.

womens_3way_multivitamin_bottleVitamatic gives you the essentials, but it also super charges the formula to provide you with the additional support you need as a woman under the age of 50.

Enhanced Support – Because Vitamatic delivers extra health support for women in addition to the essential vitamins and minerals, consumers do not need to spend extra money on additional formulas to round out their needs.  By focusing on Bone, Heart and Organ Health, while providing the Nutrients to fight Fatigue, Boost Immune Health and maintain ideal wellness, Vitamatic has proven to be Second to None.

Added Value and Enhanced Support like this is what makes Vitamatic such a Breath of Fresh Air in the vitamin industry.   Vitamatic is our Editors Choice for Best Multivitamin for Women.

Price and Overall Value – Despite the  fact that Vitamatic harvests its ingredients from whole food ingredients and organic food sources, they maintain the cost of only $9.99 for a month supply of daily multivitamins.  That price is roughly 20-30% lower than store bought brands.

The direct to consumer business model has proven to benefit consumers significantly.  Higher Quality, Fresher Ingredients are just the starting point.  Additional value and Enhanced Support gives you the extra boost you need to fight fatigue and feel your best.

If you are looking to maintain your daily wellness, or that of a loved one, we recommend you look no further than Vitamatic.  This is truly a special product, from a special company.  You will not be disappointed.

Additional Information

We always recommend that you take the time to do your homework before purchasing a multivitamin, too many consumers neglect to do so.  Even though this is our Editors Choice and we strongly recommend this multivitamin to you, look into each brand before making a choice.  The internet opens up access to a greater variety of products, brands and formulas, use it as a tool to benefit your life.

Remember, you take vitamins because you realize they are important t your well being.  Take the time to read reviews, check out comparison charts and decide for yourself which product is right for you.  The more information you have, the better your choices will be.