Our 10 Favorite Flea and Tick Treatments

Trying to find the right Flea and Tick remedy for your furry friend? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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VetriScience Reviews and Consumer Product Report

VetriScience may not be quite as visible as many of the other brands, but it is still readily available at a number of VetriSciencepet super stores nationwide.  A Topical Treatment, this is not your grandfathers flea and tick collar.  This treatment is designed to be applied on the back of the head like others on the market and has been fairly well received by consumers in the marketplace.

VetriScience says it uses  a top of the line flea and tick killing poison that supposedly works fast but is also safe for your pets to wear.  While we understand the importance of being effective, we do also worry about how much of the toxins are absorbed into the pets skin and internalized.  Are there side effects?  These are some of the questions  that we become worried about.

We decided to take a closer look at the product, its manufacturer and of course, what consumers are saying about the product and report our findings back to you.

Price and Buying

VetriScience Reviews have shown that this product can be purchased at a number of pet supply retailers.  The cost is on the low side for the marketplace at roughly $10-$15.  While that may strike you as affordable, it is important to examine why the cost is so much lower than the alternatives.

Information Reported Online

There is a large amount of information floated out there on the internet regarding the price and overall value of this product.  On the whole it seems that many consumers feel that the price range combined with the fact that it uses a similar toxin as one of the major brands makes this product is special find.

In reality, what it means is that it is a cheaper alternative than the larger brand name on the market.  It does not speak to it being more effective or better than the others on the market, it simply means it is a copy cat brand with lower prices.

In a Nut Shell

Yes it is nice to find a product that costs less than the major brand manufacturer.  It can even be enough to sway consumers to purchase this brand and perhaps be loyal.  But in reality, consumers are not getting the best product out there for their pet, they are just getting a good price.

If price is all that you are concerned with, then this is a great option.  But if you are hear to learn more about Safe and Effective Protection for your loved ones, then you must look farther than the price.

Truth is that this is a decent product, but not great.  It is well priced, but it has the same short comings as many of the others you are choosing from.  Finding the best product for you should certainly include the price, but it should go deeper into the effectiveness of the product and the safety for your pet.  In those categories, there are better products out there and we recommend you continue your search.