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awards this brand won

VetraPure Krill Advantage Dog Chews won the Editor’s Choice

 VetraPure Krill Advantage Skin and Coat ChewsThe Krill Advantage soft chew is designed with the specific intention of restoring the proper balance of essential fatty acids and nutrients to your dogs diet.  While much attention has been paid to main ingredients in dog foods recently, there has been very little attention paid to just how deficient they are in many essential nutrients.

That is where VetraPure comes in.  VetraPure delivers great quality of BOTH Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  Check your dog food and see that most dog foods may be rich in omega 6 but very low in the Omega 3 department.  Low levels of Omega fatty acids can lead to itchy skin, discomfort and even dullness of the coat.

The VetraPure brand is synonymous with Quality and our Editors believe that they have combined quality ingredients into this amazing Skin and Coat Formula.

What Makes VetraPure Krill Advantage Better than the Competition in OUR minds?

Not all omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are the same.  Various sources of these ingredients can lead to various results for your dog.  If your dog suffers from allergens or skin sensitivity issues, you want to provide your dog the best quality and most effective solution you can find.  Itchy, irritated skin can easily become inflamed and cause high levels of discomfort for your dog.

VetraPure delivers the Nutrients your dog needs to calm the itching skin, eliminate irritation and restore the proper luster to your dogs skin and coat.

Purchasing Information:

Website: (just copy-paste that into your browser)
Phone:  1-800-405-1714


Use of Krill Oil – Krill oil provides omega 3 fatty acids from a superior source, so you can feel happy that your dog is getting good quality Krill oil.  What makes VetraPure so special is that they don’t pass this additional cost along to you, instead offering you a Better Soft Chew for a Competitive Price.

Reduce Greasy or Oily Coat – For dogs, their coat is often an indicator of their overall nutrition.  For example if your dog has an imbalance in essential nutrients, their coat may become greasy or oily.  Finding the right balance of nutrients is difficult feeding your dogs dog food alone.  VetraPure will pick up where your dog food leaves off, helping to ensure your pet gets all of the nutrients it needs to look and feel great.

Reduces Itchy and Irritated Skin – If your dog suffers from skin sensitivity, you know how troublesome it can become.  Scratching and constant discomfort can make your loved one super uncomfortable.  If you know your dog is prone to skin irritation, don’t wait for trouble to appear, start taking VetraPure today and save your dog all of the unnecessary discomfort leading up to it.

VetraPure is a well established soft chew manufacturer that has a proven track record of delivering quality supplements to your dog at a price that everyone can afford.

Price and Buying


According to the VetraPure Krill Advantage Soft Chew Reviews each bottle of the VetraPure Krill Advantage contains 30 Soft chews.(large breed orders contain two bottles) Depending on the size and weight of your dog, your dog will consume 1-2 soft chew treats every day.  Vetrapure has special pricing for different sized dogs.. however on average you’ll pay around $29 for a monthly supply, which is very reasonable for this quality of product.

Buy online at or Order by Phone 1-800-405-1714

Important Information Reported Online

Upon reading about VetraPure we found that this company has a very large, very happy customer base, all who sing the praises of these soft chews.  From dogs that suffer from skin conditions to dogs that compete, VetraPure Krill Advantage seemed to be well praised by its customers.

Finding the right balance of Omega Fatty Acids is at the heart of this product, however the use of antarctic krill oil puts this formula over the top, in our opinion.  It is simply a very high quality product that you can buy, and its priced affordably.

VetraPure has carved a niche in the industry by placing quality at the forefront.  Only through providing dogs the nutrients they need, can a company get a reputation like VetraPure.

In a Nut Shell

Many times, as consumers, we get caught up in researching a product or reading the reviews.  We allow ourselves to “over think” our choices.  While it is prudent to do your research, sometimes the answer is right in front of your face.  That is the case with VetraPure, in our minds.  It is the Editor’s choice for a krill formula for dogs.

If you are looking to keep your dogs coat looking shiny and healthy, you know the advantages of Krill Oil.  But the treatment and level of results this soft chew provides is unparalleled.  VetraPure is our Top Rated Skin and Coat Soft Chew.  The Quality, Effectiveness and Overall Value demands it.