Our 10 Favorite African Mango Supplements

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Swoll Sports African Mango Cleanse Reviews and Consumer Product Report

The brand name Swoll Sports obviously is geared towards Body Builders and other professional athletes.  That does not mean, Swell Sports African Mangohowever, that they cannot manufacture a quality weight loss supplement.  Some consumers believe that body builders are among the most knowledgeable supplements users out there.  While that may be true, business professionals would probably recommend they create a brand name that more broadly targets all consumers, not just a precious few.

Swell Sports seems to have followed the marketing approach of Mango Secret.  Employing affiliates or other websites, such as amazon, to drive their sales.  In fact, it was actually pretty hard to find the Swoll Sports website, having to sift through multiple sites before finding it.  While this has no bearing on the effectiveness of the product, it does tell you a bit about the manufacture and the company driving the products.

Swell Sports African Mango Cleanse Reviews

African mango is a very popular weight loss ingredient right now.  A certain day time doctor made mention of this fiber rich ingredient a while back, and since then the products are spreading like wildfire.  It seems like there is a constant new flow of brands and products every day.  This makes it very difficult for consumers to navigate and find the most effective products.

Fortunately for consumers, when you sell a product on Amazon, there are a host of reviews from the customers that use the product. While these are not an effective way of measuring product success, as many consumers lie or companies manipulate the results, it still provides you with some indication.  In all, it seems that users are not overly impressed with Swoll Sports, but it should be noted that there are definitely pleased users out there.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

The directions say to take 2 tablets per day.  Each bottle contains 60 tablets, so this is a 30 day supply.  Each serving contains 400mg of calcium and 600mg of what they call “mangoviv appetite blend” that contains african mango, raspberry ketones, green coffee extract, acai berry and green tea extract.  All of those ingredients have some sizzle, yet as consumers we have no idea what the concentration is of each ingredients, which is concerning.

Overall Impression

Overall, this product seems like it is of decent quality and it does seem to have some positive benefits according to some users.  There are, however, also a large number of consumers who have reported that the product was ineffective, which we have to take into account.  Whenever there are mixed reviews, we place less of an emphasis on those responses.

We are not a huge fan of the lack of information that their appetite blend contains.  Yes, those ingredients all have beneficial properties, but each of them require a minimum concentration.  Unfortunately, we are unable to verify that this product contains those minimums and therefore we cannot recommend its use.