The 5 Best Multivitamins for Women Under 50

If you are sick and tired of searching for the best multivitamin for women, and you're under 50 years old, this is the LIST for you. See the 5 best multivitamins for you, based on ingredients, quality and freshness, price, and overall value. Do not buy a thing until you have seen this report.

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Swanson Womens Multivitamin Reviews and Consumer Product Report

swanson_womens_multiIf you have taken vitamins for any period of time, you have probably come across the Swanson brand before.  In fact, many consumers recognize the brand and say it contributes to their decisions to purchase the products.  Brand recognition makes consumers feel comfortable, comfortable enough to overlook some of the short comings in the formula.

Market place conditions have changed in recent years.  Consumers have a new focus on the quality of the foods and vitamins that they take.  Consumers are trending towards organic and whole foods and this trend has impacted vitamins as well.  Big Pharmacy companies have a reputation for maximizing profits and market share.  This results in a business model and formula that does not directly benefit the consumer.   For this reason we, as consumers, must compare multivitamins, their formulas, and the sources from which those ingredients are harvested.  This report takes a closer look at how women’s multivitamins compare with one another.  See for yourself how Swanson measured up against the competition.

Swanson Womens Multivitamin Reviews

Because of the similarity between multivitamins, it is important to look more closely at these products to determine which is best for you and your loved ones.  Remember, you are taking vitamins to protect your health and overall well being.  Do not make the mistake of rushing with these purchases.  For our purposes, we examined the following criteria in order to effectively compare the brands.  1.  The Overall Quality of the Ingredients and their Sources.  2.  Is the Formula Missing Anything?  3.  Does the Multivitamin offer Enhanced or Additional Support above the competition?  4  Lastly, we examine the Overall Value and Price of the products.  See how Swanson stacked up.

Quality of Ingredients – You are familiar with the Swanson brand for a reason. Massive amounts of advertising dollars have been spent making sure you recognize the brand.   Swanson is just like many of the other Big Pharmacy companies, they spend and spend to persuade you to purchase their products, but far less on the quality of the formula itself.

Swanson has decent formulas, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with them per say.  When compared with other Big Brand Vitamins they stack up well enough.  The main issue with these vitamins has to do with increased consumer awareness.  The more consumers understand about vitamins, the less attractive Swanson becomes.  When compared with Premium Vitamin Brands and vitamins that source from whole foods, a staggering difference is revealed.

Swanson is betting on the fact, that as consumers we won’t pay the extra $$ necessary for premium vitamins.  ButSwanson_womens_multi2 now consumers don’t have to choose between quality and cost.  Check out our comparison chart to see which vitamins are the best and how the prices compare.

Small Batch, Premium Vitamins that sell direct to consumers tend to be more fresh and consumers like that.  Many consumers have become informed about the importance of whole foods and organic ingredients in their vitamins.  Recently, certain Online Vitamin Manufacturers have created a business model that allows them to offer a Higher Quality Vitamin at the SAME PRICE AS THE BIG STORE BRANDS.  As consumers,  be sure to double check before you purchase.

Completeness of Formula – Swanson Women’s Multivitamin Reviews have shown that this formula is complete and contains most of the essential ingredients for a multivitamin.  The ingredient list is fairly extensive and at first glance it seems to contain the line items you are looking for.  As you examine things more closely, you will see some ingredients lack the concentration desired, but overall not too bad.  They even offer some woman specific ingredients that add some extra value for the product.

Enhanced Support Formulas – Many multivitamins offer additional support and ingredients that address certain health conditions specific to women.  Swanson is one of those companies.  They offer some ingredients designed to help with the changes women experience as they age.  While these ingredients add some value to the overall formula, there are some ingredients, such as Dong Quai, that are actually fairly controversial.  Cancer concerns among the questions raised.  Perhaps you like some assistance with hot flashes, but make sure you know the risks you are taking.

Overall, this formula is pretty good and we were intrigued with the value and completeness of Swanson Women’s Multivitamin.

Price and Overall Value – Because of the fact that Swanson is sold in a variety of retail outlets and websites across the country.  In general, the vitamin costs roughly $12-$20 depending on which retailer you purchase it from.  Given the ingredients and overall formula, this price is fair for the products.

When Swanson is compared to our Editors Choice for Best Multivitamin for Women, it does not stack up particularly well.  The lack of freshness required to manufacture, store, ship, store again, and then sell to consumer is concerning to consumers.  If vitamins have preservatives then you must examine which ones are being uses, as we all know how concerning many preservatives can be.

Choosing a Premium Vitamin manufacturer that focuses on the quality of the product will usually get you a superior overall value.  To find the Best multivitamins for women checkout our comparison charts and read the reviews and reports published on our website.

Additional Information + Video

As consumers, we must always protect ourselves from being ripped off or even from buying less quality products for the same price.  Most consumers buy vitamins at the local drug store or grocery store.  This significantly limits your choices.  Take some time to compare vitamins, use the internet.  If you decide to buy store brands, fine, but don’t just rush your choice as you complete your weekly chores.

Use our reviews and consumer product reports. Check out the Comparison Charts and expert advice.  Do your homework ton the Best Vitamins and compare the Overall Value.  Don’t sacrifice quality if you can get it for the same price, it just doesn’t make any sense.