The 5 Best Multivitamins for Men Under 50

If you are sick and tired of searching for the best multivitamin for Men, and you're under 50 years old, this is the LIST for you. See the 5 best multivitamins for you, based on ingredients, quality and freshness, price, and overall value. Do not buy a thing until you have seen this report.

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Swanson Mens Multivitamin Reviews and Consumer Product Report

swanson_mens_multiSwanson is another brand that has been on the market for years.  While not quite as aggressive with the television ad campaigns as some of the other big pharmacy brands, they offer a large variety of supplements and health products.  The Men’s Multivitamin is their product for mature men under the age of 50 who are looking for daily dietary support.  The brand recognition Swanson enjoys leads to massive sales volume, but how do the formulas themselves stack up against the competition.  How does it perform when compared to the big pharmacy brands and small batch manufacturers?  This report is the summary of what we found when we did our homework.

Swanson Mens Multivitamin Reviews

In order to provide an objective point of view, it was essential that we establish some criteria by which we would compare the multivitamin brands on the market.  As you can imagine, there is some similarity between one multivitamin and another.  But it is the small print, the concentrations, the sources of ingredients that really separates one brand from another.  We closely examine the Quality of Ingredients, the Overall Completeness of the Formula, Does the product provide any Enhanced Support outside the norm and finally the Price and Overall Value of the products.  See how Swanson compared to the competition.

Quality of Ingredients – Swanson provides vitamins for massive amounts of Americans and consumers worldwide every year.  Their business model has created an affordable formula that is priced to suit the budget ofswanson_supp_facts each and every household.  This means they choose ingredients from sources that are less than ideal.  By keeping costs down, they can provide a low cost alternative for consumers who are unwilling to pay $30-$50 for premium vitamins.

Vitamins are currently undergoing many of the same changes you see in the grocery and food industries.  A new
focus on premium ingredients, organic formulas and vitamins without concerning ingredients has changed the landscape of the multivitamin industry.  For this reason Small Batch, Premium Vitamin manufacturers have taken center stage in this marketplace.  This vitamins can cost as much as $50, which is a bit much for some.

By comparison, Swanson has created a vitamin that allows them to make profit when they sell it for roughly $13.  But consumers are getting a lower quality ingredient for that price.

Be sure to check out our comparison charts to see which Premium Vitamin companies offer high quality formulas for a comparable price to that of Swanson.

Completeness of Formula – Swanson does a good job with the overall completeness of their formula.  They offer
18 essential vitamins and minerals, comparable to the others on the market.  Swanson Mens Multivitamin also offers ingredients that can provide additional support specific to men that other manufacturers do not offer.  From prostate health support and even sexual energizers, this product is designed to help men stay feeling their best.  If only the products were made in small batch and sent direct to the user, ensuring their freshness.

Enhanced Support Formula – Swanson offers consumers a massive product line that can provide specific enhanced support for health conditions.  As for this Men’s Multivitamin, they build in some support to the formula that most men can benefit from.  Ingredients to support prostate health, ingredients to support natural energy and even some that may help energize your sex life.  These added benefits are nice if you are looking for them, however if you are not, they don’t provide you an option without them.

Price and Overall Value – Swanson does a good job of adding some value to their men’s multivitamin with the enhanced support formulas.  The problem is, they are still a big company that supplies to millions of consumers.  This means large batches, lower quality ingredients, and a lack of freshness that impacts the benefits of users.  We give them credit for a nice formula.  But if you are looking for the Best Men’s Multivitamin, check out the other reviews and comparison charts and find out which Small Batch, Premium Vitamin Brands offer you a superior product at the same affordable price.

With a little bit of homework, you can protect the health of yourself and your loved ones without changing your budget.

Additional Information + Video

One of the most common mistake that vitamin consumers make is that they assume that all multivitamins are the same.  Even if they take the time to compare the ingredients, the label does not show you the source of the ingredient, or the business model that the company employs.  Both of these are huge indicators of the quality of the vitamins and their benefit to you.  The internet has opened up the possibilities for consumers to get better products, conveniently.  We strongly suggest you take the time to read over the information we publish here, and use your common sense to arrive at a smart choice.  If you can get Fresher, Higher Quality Vitamins at the same price, it makes sense to change the way you think about your family’s vitamin company.

Here is a video from Swanson that takes you through why it is important to take a daily multivitamin.