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StimuScalp Reviews and Report

There are many Thinning Hair Solutions on the market, including one we loved, called StimuScalp.  If you are in the market for a product that halts the loss of hair and stimulates new hair growth safely and naturally, then StimuScalp is, in our opinion, the ideal product. This 3 step product System is not only highly effective, but a tremendous value.  Their ground breaking formulas have StimuScalp at the Top of our Editor’s choice list for thinning hair products.

stimuscalp hair growth kitStimuScalp has earned our Editor’s Choice Award because of quality ingredients and positive feedback from users. The Secret to their Formula is to Specifically Target the 4 Main Sources of Thinning Hair:

Stop Hair Loss – The precise combination of Plant Stem Cells and a compound known as StimuCap has given the product a leg up.  This system rapidly targets the fibrosis of the connective tissue surrounding the hair follicle and bulb, while soothing the inflammatory response.   This prolongs the life of the bulbs, while maintaining or increasing the level of hair production.

Improves Scalp Health – A full head of hair starts with a healthy scalp.  By increasing circulation, soothing irritation and providing the nutrients your hair follicles need, StimuScalp provides your scalp much of what it needs for optimal hair growth. Niacin, Menthol, Chamomile and Olive Leaf extract combine to benefit scalp health and both length and thickness of the shaft is improved with regular use.

Regrows Hair – StimuScalp is able to activate and stimulate new hair growth comparable to the Dr. prescribed alternatives Without the Risky Side Effects.  Capsicum, Red Bush and Saw Palmetto combine to stimulate rapid growth of thicker, more substantial hair.

Moisturize, Thicken and Protect Hair – By delivering deep binding moisture to the follicle and shaft, this formula delivers an unparalleled  level of hydration.  But it doesn’t stop there, it contributes to the thickness and overall body of the hair.  Ingredients like Panthenol, Olive leave and Saw Palmetto highlight a formula proven to improve the overall health of your hair and protect it agains the harsh effects of styling and the environment.

Purchasing Information:
Phone:  1-800-243-0955
Available Discount:  10% OFF your first order with promo code BR10RESO . Use the Promo Code Now
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Our opinion on Stimuscalp, is that this is Highly Effective in the Prevention of Premature Hair Loss and its Ability to Stimulate New Hair Growth has Industry Experts world wide endorsing the use of this product.

What Makes StimuScalp Better than the Competition, in our Minds?

It all starts with Quality Ingredients.  With the scientific advancements in recent years, manufactures have the ability to deliver some of the most impressive hair loss treatments you could imagine.  Problem is, most manufactures feel the cost is too high for the higher quality ingredients, so they cut corners to maximize profits.

The Scientists at StimuScalp know how frustrating and emotional thinning hair can be for both Men and Women.  By delivering the Very Best Treatment they could formulate, consumers from all parts of the world are scrambling to get their hands on this “wonder” treatment.

  1.  Aiming to Stop Hair Loss in its Tracks – When you suffer from thinning hair, you know how precious each and every strand can be.  By aiming to stop the loss of hair and reinforcing the health of the hairs you Still have, StimuScalp can make a quick and visible change to your hair line.  This crucial step, lays the ground work for the major changes to come.
  2. Energizes Follicles and Blocks Degeneration – By blocking the degeneration of the bulbs, StimuScalp can revive and restore damaged and unproductive bulbs and follicles.  The exciting, Energizing Formula adds new life and activity to your follicles, restoring your ability to grow your own, healthy looking hair.
  3. Stimulates New Hair Growth – Replacing the missing hair on your scalp is important to consumers, so having a product that truly works is paramount.  StimuScalp, we believe, can perform the competition, delivering real results, where so many other products have failed. If you are interested in new hair growth, StimuScalp can deliver what you are looking for.
  4. Add Volume and Thickness and Protection- As you age, your scalp and follicles tend to produce thinner, more fine hair.  StimuScalp works to add thickness to the hair shaft and volume to the overall appearance of your hair.  This step allows consumers to feel more confident in their appearance today, while the treatment does the work long term.

Price and Buying

Each 3 Product System contains a Hair Growth Serum, a Volumizing Shampoo and an Energizing Scalp Conditioner.  The cost is $129.99.  Each system will last you 60 days of use.  At these prices, StimuScalp is considerably less expensive then many of the more visible products you may have seen on TV.

Purchase Online at or by Phone – 800-243-0955

Information Reported Online

We were pleased by reading through some of the reviews and testimonials of consumers we found online.  The volume of satisfied customers was unparalleled, especially within the Hair Loss community.  While each person is different and the rates in which they respond to the treatment varies, the consumers all had one thing in common….they got had good things to report.

Many Thinning Hair Products take up to 6 months to work, yet StimuScalp aims for a much quicker timeline.  In fact, some users wrote online that they found the results came much more quickly.

Overall, StimuScalp has a Fantastic Reputation, they Use Quality Ingredients and the consumers who use this product, have reported Phenomenal Success!

In a Nut Shell

If you are on the search for a solution to your thinning hair, we understand this can be an emotional time for some.  Regaining the confidence and security you once had is important, so the product you choose must work. You can Trust StimuScalp to Deliver the Results you want, in our opinion.

StimuScalp is for BOTH Men and Women and both sexes have given positive feedback.  The formulas are all natural, highly effective and free of side effects. (Risks commonly associated with harsh RX ingredients in competitors products)

Overall, you have a higher quality product, that we think will give you good results.  It costs less than the “major” brands and is a better overall value, we feel.  We Highly Recommend StimuScalp to our readers, you can feel confident you have found a good one.