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SSM Dark Spot Corrector Report and Review

While it is true that most skin and beauty products are geared towards the use of the female population, there are still quite a few brands that offer skin care products for SSM Dark Spot Correctormen. One of these is Clinique, a company that is owned by the internationally-known company Estee Lauder Corporation. Clinique is known for its cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, and skin care products, both for men and women. One of the most popular products that the company offers to the male population is the Skin Supplies for Men (SSM) Dark Spot Corrector. The popularity of this product has resulted in numerous SSM Dark Spot Corrector reviews being released both online and offline.

As the name already suggests, the SSM Dark Spot Corrector is a product that is aimed to help men eliminate the dark spots on their face. It is also said to address other skin-related problems aside from hyperpigmentation. Before you get all excited to try out this product though, it is very important that you take the time to learn more about it so that you can ensure you will be making the right choice. To help you figure out whether this Clinique product for men is ideal for you or not, here is our own review of the product.

An Overview on the Skin Supplies for Men Product Line of Clinique

As mentioned above, one of the product lines that Clinique has to offer to consumers is the Skin Supplies for Men, or simply SSM for short. One of the latest additions to this product line is the Dark Spot Corrector. Aside from this particular product, there are others that comprise the entire line, including the Men’s 3-Step products (facial wash, exfoliating tonic, and moisturizers), the Shave & Cleanse products (facial scrub, shaving gels, cream shave, post shave soother, oil control facial wash, facial soaps, and the Targeted Solutions (anti-aging eye cream, anti-fatigue eye gel, and bronzer).

What the Manufacturing Company Claims the Product Can Do

If you read unbiased SSM Dark Spot Corrector reviews like this one, you will learn that this particular product is, according to the company, specifically designed to help reduce the dark spots (due to hyperpigmentation) that often ruins the facial skin. As per the manufacturing company Clinique, the SSM Dark Spot Corrector is its first true serum product. Aside from reducing dark spots that affect the face, it is also said to design spot scars and acne while working on the skin to boost its brightness. The serum has also been reported to function as an ingrown hair minimizer.

What’s Inside Every Bottle of the Clinique SSM Dark Spot Corrector

One of the greatest attractions to the Clinique SSM Dark Spot Corrector is the set of ingredients it is claimed to be made of. According to the manufacturing company, this dark spot eliminator contains a number of powerful ingredients designed to act as anti-inflammatories, including Caffeine, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, and Gentian Extract among several others. In addition to its anti-inflammatory ingredients, every bottle of the product also contains Cucumber Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Squalene, elements that are known for their reparative effects on the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

See the Skin Tone Product Comparison Chart

Another key feature that the Clinique SSM Dark Spot Corrector Reviews is said to possess is the unique complex it makes use of. This complex is the company’s patented CL-302, something that Clinique claims to have the ability to harness potent naturally derived technology. Basically, the CL-302 complex is reported to be specifically designed to perform the following roles:

  • Increase the turnover process of skin cells through the use of Glucosamine and Salycilic Acid
  • The Black Yeast ingredient that the serum contains is said to be the one responsible for breaking down the clumps of excess melonin on the skin’s surface into finer powder
  • Last, but not the least, is to improve the overall appearance of the skin tone through the use of Dianella Ensifolia, which also acts as a very potent anti-oxidant that further protects the skin from possible problems

So, Does the Clinique SSM Dark Spot Corrector Work or Not?

In a nutshell, we find that this specific product from Clinique is moderateluy effective and can definitely do what it claims it can. However, just like what other reliable SSM Dark Spot Corrector reviews you will read, in order for you to achieve the best results, you will probably have to use it for 6-8 months to see results.

Recommended Use of the SSM Dark Spot Corrector from Clinique

According to Clinique if you really want to achieve the best results in as little time as possible with the SSM Dark Spot Corrector, you should use it in conjunction with the other skin care products. This, of course, means you need to pay more money for this product to be effective.  Incorporating the 3-Step Skin Care System from the company is the most recommended way for you so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of the dark spot corrector serum. The 3-Step Skin Care System includes the following products:

  • Step 1: Shave & Cleanse Products – Face Scrub, Aloe Shave Gel, Cream Shave, Face Wash, Oil Control Face Wash, and Face Soap
  • Step 2: Tone Products Exfoliating Tonic, Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic
  • Step 3: Moisturize & Protect Products – Anti Age Moisturizer, Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer, Moisturizing Lotion

There are also products being offered under the Targeted Solutions product line, including the Anti-Age Eye Cream, the Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel, and the Face Bronzer that would go well with your complete face skin care regimen.

The Verdict: Is the Clinique SSM Dark Spot Corrector Worth your Money?

Like most of the other honest Clinique SSM Dark Spot Corrector reviews you will encounter, we  recommend you keep looking before you buy this product. This is if you do not mind spending a little bit more money on the serum as well as waiting for some time for the product to provide you with the results you want. If you want to see noticeable effects in as little time as possible, you can always go for the rest of the recommended products and use it in conjunction with the serum.