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Source Naturals Wellness Formula Reviews Summary Report

With the sudden explosion of health and wellness industry, immune system support supplements are now in high demand. There is obviously no shortage of supplements Source Naturals Wellness Formula Reviewsthat claim to deliver optimum immune system health, but only a few companies actually have the expertise to deliver such a superior quality immune system support supplement. In this Source Naturals Wellness Formula review, we will be tackling one of the most sought after supplement to have ever hit the market, Wellness Formula by Source Naturals.

Source Naturals Company Background

Ira L. Goldberg founded Source Naturals in 1982 in order to support and promote every individual’s right to optimum health and wellness. Since it’s inception by Ira Goldberg in the early 80s, the company is now a leading entity in the science-based, cutting edge nutritional supplements industry. The mission of this company is to provide their loyal customers with health and wellness products that work and are manufactured with the highest standards in the industry in mind. All of their product offerings can be purchased at very reasonable prices for those who wish to achieve and maintain optimum health.

A Brief History on Source Naturals

As stated above, Ira L. Goldberg started Source Naturals in 1982 to promote optimum health to everyone. During that period in time, the type of nutritional supplements he had in mind—those to attain and maintain optimal wellness and health—wasn’t entirely attainable. His vision of perfectly mixing and matching a wide array of nutraceuticals, herbs, and nutrients into a single, potent formulation was simply not possible due to technological and research constraints.

Compare Source Naturals Wellness Formula with the Best Wellness Formulas on the Market

Still, with the heart of a visionary and an optimist, he set out to pioneer the Wellness Formula®, which is currently the leading product for optimal immune system support. From that point on, Source Naturals consequently released to the general public a wide variety of award-winning health and wellness products. These other award-winning formulations are Higher Mind™, Life Force Multiple™, Inflama-Rest™, Mega-Kid Multiple™, Male Response™, Skin Eternal™, and Essential Enzymes™.

Currently, the company is focused on their extensive Bio-Aligned Formulas™ which aid in harnessing the power of proper alignment to fit the body’s requirements. These products are the result of comprehensive research surrounding the assessment of underlying or possible causes of the body’s imbalances to come up with a more focused approach to address the needs of mutually dependent body systems. It is composed of over 600 well-researched items formulated with potent nutrients in their most bioavailable and most superior forms.

There is no wonder then that the company’s outstanding line of nutritional supplements is placed at the forefront of the burgeoning wellness and health revolution. Likewise, this revolution in health awareness consists of new consciousness in lifestyle, spiritual and emotional development, diet, and other supplementary healthcare aides. Source Naturals is intent on continuing to provide proper health education that will empower their loyal and potential customers to take control of their overall health.

Source Naturals Wellness Formula Reviews

Wellness Formula is essentially a Bio-Aligned formulation that fortifies interlocking components of the immune system consisting of humoral immuity, cell-mediated immunity, and mucous membrane. In addition, it also increases the concentration of antioxidants which in turn improves the overall immune function too.

With regular supplementation Source Naturals Wellness Formula aims to prevent the development of sickness. It also contains adaptogens and powerful antixodants that condition the immune system by improving its ability of defending the body against potentially dangerous pathogens.

Ideally, Wellness Formula is to be taken in the cold or flu season as this supplement is known to ehnance one’s immune system, thus reducing susceptibility in catching certain types of diseases.

The Wellness Formula from Source Naturals is enriched with potent herbal ingredients such as echinacea, astragalus, goldenseal root, and hawthorn berry to name a few. Aside from protecting the different organ systems from possible attacks, Wellness Formula is also known to boost energy levels so you can be productive all day.

If you are generally in a good state of health, but would like to guarantee that you maintain optimal wellness, it is but a perfect idea to supplement your routine with the Wellness Formula. With supplementation comes your ability to keep healthy even when you are suffering from enormous amounts of stress and extreme weather as well.

 Source Naturals Wellness Formula only features all-natural compounds combined with adaptogens. This means that you are generally safe from undesirable side effects and complications. Your body will be well protected from extremely low temperatures, thus reducing your risk for developing cold and flu.


The following are the compounds or solutions that Source Naturals have integrated into the Wellness Formula equation:

•        Calories

•        Total Carbohydrate

•        Dietary Fiber

•        Protein

•        Vitamin A

•        Vitamin C

•        Vitamin D3

•        Zinc

•        Copper

•        Sodium

•        Garlic Bulb

•        Echinacea purpurea Root Extract

•        Boneset Aerial Parts

•        Polygonatum odoratum Rhizome

•        Horehound Aerial Parts

•        Andrographis Aerial Parts Extract

•        Mullein Leaf

•        Propolis Extract

•        Olive Leaf Extract

•        Bioflavonoids

•        Eleuthero Root Extract

•        Goldenseal Root

•        Astragalus Root

•        Angelica Root

•        Elecampane Root Extract

•        Pau D’Arco Bark Extract

•        Isatis Leaf

•        Cayenne Fruit

•        Isatis Root Extract

•        Horehound Aerial Partis Extract

•        Grape Seed Extract (Proanthodyn)

•        Ginger Root      15mg

•        Angelica Root Extract

•        Mullein Leaf Extract

•        Isatis Leaf Extract

•        Astragalus Root Extract

Wellness experts recommend consumers to immediately start on a Wellness Formula regimen at the onset of illness or first signs of imbalance in well being. For those times when you feel under the weather, take six capsules instead. On a good day on the other hand, taking two to four capsules daily will do the trick.

Source Naturals has won so many awards due to their Wellness Formula offering. Based on Source Naturals Wellness Formula reviews, this immune system support system has even won in 2011 for the 8th time as one of the most innovative and potent dietary supplement on the market.

You can find more important information about Source Naturals Wellness Formula from their official website.